Who do we see at the Student Health Center 

We see the following students taking 9 credit hours

-All currently enrolled, full time students

We see the following students taking fewer than 9 credit hours

-International students

-Students attending summer school

-Student affairs Graduate Assistants

-Summer research interns

-STP students

-“Super Seniors” ( Seniors taking a few courses for graduation)

-Full Time students who reduce their course load during the semester

-Students with Office of Disability Resources full time exemption

-Fifth year Masters of Education graduate students

-Orientation Leaders and Resident Assistants during summer orientation


We do not see the following 

-Part time students (Taking fewer than 9 credit hours)

-Non degree seeking students


-Student workers not taking classes

-Faculty or staff

-Workman’s compensation

-Campus visitors


-Special groups on campus such as summer camps

-Dependents of students, faculty, or staff

-Students on academic leave

-Admitted freshman before they move in on campus

-During the summer session, students not registered for summer classes