The SHC has a limited State of Virginia pharmacy license allowing us to fill only those prescriptions written by our doctor or nurse practitioners. We do not have a pharmacist on staff or a general license to sell to the public and thus cannot fill prescriptions written by your doctor or an emergency room.

We stock Plan-B emergency contraception, steroids, generic antibiotics and a few other medications for acute problems such as infections, poison ivy, gastroenteritis and allergic reactions.

We do not stock daily medications that you might be taking for chronic conditions …for example Singular and Advair for asthma or Zoloft for depression. We also do not stock DEA scheduled medications such as narcotics, tranquilizers and ADD drugs. For these medications there are three pharmacies within walking distance.

Local Pharmacies

  • Giant Food at the Eagle Village
    1245 Emancipation Highway, Fredericksburg – (540) 373-2734
    Website for On-line prescription refills
  • CVS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           591 Emancipation Highway, Fredericksburg, VA – (540) 373-4607 (open 24 hours, by Mary Washington Hospital)    OR     1511 Emancipation Highway, Fredericksburg, VA – (540)899-6874 (near Cowan Blvd.)
  • Fredericksburg City Pharmacy
    2567 Cowan Blvd (540-479-1405)
    10% discount on OTC items for UMW students and staff