Allergy Services

For you:

We are happy to continue treatment for those students who are already under the care of an Allergist and are receiving allergy shots. Please read, sign, and return our Allergy Shot Clinic Policy and Allergy Shot Clinic Informed Consent to the Student Health Center prior to starting immunotherapy at the Student Health Center.

We require completed forms and serum vials be turned in to the SHC at least one day before your first appointment. This allows the allergy nurse time to review your treatment plan and consult with your allergist, if needed. You will also be scheduled for an appointment with the medical staff at the SHC prior to your first allergy shot appointment.

For your Allergist:

Please ask your Allergist to review, sign and return the Referring Allergist Agreement and Allergen Immunotherapy Order Form.  These forms must be returned to us before we can administer any allergy shots.

Allergy Clinic Forms (These can be printed to complete with your Allergist, scanned into your computer, and then uploaded onto the STUDENT PORTAL under uploads.


The allergy clinic has appointments Monday -Friday from 9 -11:30AM and 1-3:30PM.  Please call to schedule an appointment through the Student Health Center’s main number (540) 654-1040.  Walk-in Allergy appointments are not accepted in this clinic.