All our forms are in the standard Adobe PDF format so you will need a current version of Adobe Reader to view the form. The Health History form is editable, so please type your information rather than handwriting it. Then, print the form, make a copy for yourself, and mail back to us.

The form has a submission date of August 1st for the Fall semester and January 3rd for the Spring semester.  If forms are not turned in by this date, you will be put on grade and registration hold for the following semester.

UMW Health History, Immunizations and TB Screening form

Allow the Health Center to talk to my parents

Tips for Finding Old Immunization Records

Privacy Notice

Religious Exemption Form

I need a copy of my records.

I can’t open the form!

We sometimes get phone calls from students who click on the link but the form won’t open in their browser. Typically one of three problems has occurred.

  • First, Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer. Click here to get it.
    Most computers have Adobe Reader installed so this usually is not the problem..
  • Second, your version of Adobe Reader may not be current enough so download and install the latest version. If your version is not that old (7.x version) this is usually not the problem.
  • Third, and most commonly, the installation and integration of Adobe Reader into your browser may be corrupt. We have seen this with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Getting the latest version and reinstalling Adobe Reader usually fixes the problem.
  • If you still can’t open the form in your browser, then download the form to your computer and open it directly with Adobe Reader outside of your browser.