Chapter 19: Transportation Policy


Transportation Services is an integral part of the support that the Physical Plant provides to UMW. Numerous events take place off campus, which are necessary components of instructional, athletic, and extracurricular activities.

The transportation fleet is composed of sedans, buses, and vans. Additionally, rental vehicles and contracted bus services are used in order to meet transportation requirements. To provide reasonable oversight of the use of fleet vehicles, the following requirements are in place, in addition to existing UMW and Commonwealth of Virginia regulations and guidelines for use of state vehicles:

  1. A vehicle request form must be submitted to the Physical Plant for all officially sponsored off-campus travel which requires a state vehicle. Vehicle requests shall be submitted five business days prior to the planned trip. Incomplete forms are subject to denial.
    1. Note: For staff and faculty, a copy of the vehicle request form should be attached to the Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher. Expense vouchers submitted without the vehicle request form will be reimbursed at the lower mileage rate. Requests for a statement of non-availability of a state vehicle AFTER the trip will not be accepted.
  2. The request form must be approved by an appropriate Department Head or Senior Administrator.
  3. All trips using fleet vehicles must be accompanied by at least one member of the faculty or staff. The only exception is if the destination falls within the following area: Prince William, Culpeper, Orange, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Louisa, Hanover, Goochland, Stafford, Caroline, King George, and Albemarle. Trips in which more than one vehicle are used do not require additional members of staff or faculty in attendance. This includes club and extracurricular activities.
  4. Students may drive fleet sedans and vans if they are at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver’s license, and have completed Familiarization Safety Training. A Vehicle Use Agreement must be signed before a student may be issued a vehicle. Additionally, students must comply with motor vehicle laws of Virginia, and the student handbook. Within the previously described limits, students may drive University vehicles without a member of staff or faculty in attendance. Students may also drive outside the prescribed area if accompanied by a staff or faculty member. Training is conducted by the staff of University Police, and students who satisfactorily complete the training will receive a certificate which must be presented to pick up a vehicle. If a trained student is later convicted of any moving violation while operating a state vehicle, the privilege of driving a University vehicle will be revoked for the duration of his or her enrollment at UMW.
  5. Staff and faculty members are not required to complete familiarization training, but are encouraged to do so. Staff and faculty members are required to have a valid Virginia Driver’s License, comply with state motor vehicle laws, and the faculty or staff handbook as appropriate.
  6. Overnight trips with student drivers will not be permitted.
  7. State vehicles may only be used for official use, only to drive to and from a specified activity with only necessary stops for meals, fuel, and rest. Shopping excursions, sightseeing, and other activities are not permitted unless they are pre-approved in the itinerary. No relatives, unless also employees or students at UMW, are allowed to ride in a University vehicle. Hitchhikers are prohibited.
  8. Staff and faculty members who are convicted of a moving violation while operating a state vehicle will lose the privilege of using state vehicles. Upon proof of satisfactory completion of the eight-hour National Transportation Safety Council Defensive Driving program, or equivalent, they may request reinstatement of driving privileges.
  9. Scheduling of vehicles is on a first come, first served basis.
  10. Vehicles must be returned on time with completed use reports, keys, and cards to permit effective utilization. Failure to return a vehicle on time will result in loss of vehicle privileges for the offending organization for one month.
  11. Students, faculty, and staff should exercise due care in vehicle operation and maintenance. This includes the use of credit cards. Loss of credit cards will result in cancellation and replacement charges placed against the account of the department or organization which used the vehicle. Credit card use should comply with the UMW vehicle regulations booklet. Misuse of credit cards will be considered theft of state property.
  12. Use of buses requires a driver who possesses a valid Commercial Driver’s License. Due to the limited availability of drivers, requests for bus trips should be submitted at least a month in advance to allow for scheduling.
  13. Operators are responsible for the safe parking and security of UMW vehicles. Parking along non-residential streets or highways is only permitted in event of mechanical failure or emergency. Operators are responsible for fines if a vehicle is improperly parked. Long term parking at airports is generally not permitted as this significantly reduces utilization.
  14. Any patterns of abuse or misuse of vehicles or these policy provisions may result in loss of vehicle use privileges.
  15. The director of the Physical Plant is responsible for execution of transportation policy. The Transportation Officer, working for the Director, is responsible for application and interpretation. Decisions by the Transportation Officer may be appealed to the Director of the Physical Plant whose decision will be final.
  16. Changes to policy will be approved by Senior Administration and forwarded to the Director of the Physical Plant for implementation.