Chapter 7: Special Work Practices For Maintenance Activities

The four categories describing disturbances of ACM during maintenance activities are 1) contact with ACM is very unlikely 2) accidental disturbance is possible 3) small amount of ACM, less than 3 square or 3 linear feet of thermal systems insulation (TSI), will be disturbed and 4) large amount of
ACM will be disturbed.

Special Work Practices :

1.) Contact with ACM very unlikely

  • HEPA vacuum and air-purifying respirators available

2.) Accidental disturbance possible and

3.) Disturbance of small amount intended or likely

  • work approval for after normal working hours
  • place warning signs around work area use of 6 mil plastic sheets placed over or around material that may be disturbed
  • air handling system shut off
  • use of protective clothing and respirators
  • HEPA vacuum all tools used during the work
  • all debris cleaned up with HEPA vacuum or wet wipe
  • all contaminated material disposed of as contaminated waste
  • if ACM was disturbed, HEPA vacuum clothing and respirator, shower before removing respirator
  • use of personal monitors
  • mist material likely to be disturbed with amended water
  • wet wipe plastic sheet and dispose of as contaminated waste
  • repair of disturbed area

4.) Large disturbances

  • use of project design specifications prepared by an accredited project designer
  • use of an outside licensed abatement contractor or use of maintenance workers fully trained and licensed in, asbestos removal procedures
  • use of warning signs and barriers
  • use of type “C” respirators
  • air testing during project and after completion
  • HEPA vacuum all debris during activity
  • repair area (s) after project
  • use of warning labels and signs
  • use of negative air filtration systems
  • build a decontamination enclosure
  • notification to state and federal agencies

NOTE: this is not intended to be a complete listing of accepted work practices and all items on it may not be necessary for every situation. Proper practices and detailed procedures should be covered during the 14 hour training course for the maintenance workers.