Chapter 3: ADA Evacuation Procedures

For Students with Disabilities

If a fire alarm sounds while you are in your room and:

      A.  You are unable to evacuate without assistance

  1. Call the Police Department at 777 / 4444 from a campus phone or 540-654-4444 from a cell phone. Tell them:
    1. A fire alarm is sounding at your location.
    2. That you have a disability and need assistance
    3. The name of your building and your room number
  2. If a rescue is necessary the local fire dept will make every effort to evaluate and attempt a rescue. Be prepared to explain the quickest way to disengage any equipment to facilitate the evacuation and give any other necessary instructions. Evacuation will occur only if necessary.

Note: The Director of Safety will be provided the room numbers of students with mobility impairments.

      B.  You do not need assistance

  1. NEVER use the elevators.
  2. Feel your door before opening it.
  3. If the door is hot, do not open it. If possible, place a towel under the door and wait by the window so you will be spotted by anyone attempting to see if the room is occupied.
  4. If you are able to safely leave, call the Police Department to inform them that you are okay and out of the building.

If a fire alarm sounds in any building you’re in on campus

  1. NEVER use the elevators.
  2. If you cannot safely reach a ground floor and exit, go to the nearest designated area of safe refuge, which may be either:
    1. Stairwell landings
    2. Elevator access areas or
    3. An Area that is visible from the outside (window/terrace) by rescue personnel.
  3. If the area of refuge has a call button, activate it.
  4. Have someone, if possible, notify the fire command officer that there is someone needing assistance and have them give your location. It is advisable that you prearrange some of this prior to any emergency. Contact the UMW Safety Office for assistance with coordinating faculty and staff.
  5. If you have a cell phone, call the Police Department at 540-654-4444. Tell them:
    1. A fire alarm is sounding in the building
    2. That you have a disability and need assistance
    3. The name of your building and your approximate location

Please be aware of your surroundings and your limitations and ask for assistance and guidance when pre-planning your emergency evacuation procedures.

Offices to contact for assistance:

Safety – 540-654-2096

Residence Life – 540-654-1058

Office of Disability Services – 540-654-1266