Safety Plan


The University of Mary Washington (UMW) Comprehensive Safety Plan was established to protect the safety and health of employees. Injury and illness losses from accidents are needless, costly, and in most cases, preventable. UMW has established a fundamental Health and Safety program that will help prevent injury and illness due to hazards. Employee involvement at all levels is critical for success of the program.


Through the fundamental Health and Safety program established, the purpose of the plan is to give the necessary resources to the employees of UMW to ensure they are performing in a safe manner that reduces or eliminates the risk of injury and illness due to hazards.


Management is accountable for the prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses. Management provides direction and full support to supervisors and employees regarding safety and health, job training, and hazard-elimination procedures. Management must be fully informed about safety and health issues throughout UMW in order to continually review the effectiveness of the University’s Health and Safety program.


Management and Supervisors are directly responsible for supervising and training their employees in proper procedures, work practices, and safe methods. Supervisors must enforce UMW policies and procedures and take immediate corrective action to eliminate hazardous conditions and practices.


The purpose of the Safety Committee is to ensure a cooperative effort across the entire university to promote Health and Safety in the workplace. The committee reviews past accidents, recommends changes to Health and Safety policies, and brings forth issues that have affected or could affect the university community.


Each employee, regardless of his or her position within UMW, is expected to cooperate in all aspects of the UMW Health and Safety program including, but not limited to, the following requirements:

  • Accident reporting requirements; immediate notification to your supervisor.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn by all employees who work in areas where such equipment is required.
  • Hazardous conditions and other Health and Safety Concerns; immediate notification to your supervisor.
  • Employees participate in safety committee activities and support safety committee membership.