UMW Emergency Notification Systems (EANS)

The University of Mary Washington Emergency Alert Notification System (EANS) encompasses all emergency communication tools available to safeguard the well being of the institution:  Alert UMW (text messaging), mass emails, website posting, and/or phone notification.

EANS will be used when imminent circumstances present a significant risk to the life or safety of the University’s populations and/or property. Imminent circumstances may include near-immediate weather-related events or similar man-made situations.

Alert UMW (text messaging)

What you Need to Do to Participate

The emergency notification system, known as UMW Alerts, is not automatically assigned to you. In order to get these notifications on your cell phone, pager, Blackberry, or other mobile device, STUDENTS, FACULTY, AND STAFF NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THE SERVICEYou should receive an email inviting you to sign up for this service.

When the University issues a notification about a potential emergency, safety hazard or concern, you will receive a message on the voice or text communication methods for which you have registered. Please confirm that your have receive the message and you will not be contacted by subsequent methods regarding that particular notification, If you do not confirm, the system will continue to attempt to reach you through all the paths for which you have registered.

We are all aware from recent events how important it is to stay informed of what’s happening on campus. Please make sure that you are signed up for this service so that you can receive up to date directions in the event of campus emergency.

Mass Emails and/or Website Postings

Advisory information may be announced via email from the President or the Vice President for Administration, Finance, and Legislative Affairs and through the University’s “Information Hotline” at (540) 654-2424.

As there often is additional background information that is helpful to share with the University community concerning these topics, the Office of University Relations and Communications will update the “campus advisories” page on the University web site, under the direction of the Office of the President and the Office of the Vice President for Administration, Finance, and Legislative Affairs.

At times when conditions prevent the University Relations staff from having access to the on-line systems, the “Information Hotline” should be used to communicate the most up-to-date information.

Be advised that information concerning events effecting the university will be posted as soon as information is received or decisions have been made as to closures or relocation of classes/offices and or residents.