Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted or are experiencing intimate partner abuse or know of someone who has…

  • Go somewhere you can feel safe – your safety is our first priority. You can return to your room, a friend’s place, your RA’s room, even a crowded, public place. If you are near a blue box on campus, you can contact the police from there, and they will immediately send someone to you. You may also contact the Dean of Students Office (540) 654-1200 or Office of Residence Life (540) 654-1058.


  • Consider calling someone: People you can call are a trusted friend, family, and RA, a trained counselor, or a medical professional at the Student Health Center or Mary Washington hospital (540) 741-1100. Counselors are available on campus and can be reached by contacting the Talley Center for Counseling Services between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at (540) 654-1053 or after 5 p.m. by calling University Police at (540) 654-1025.


  • Consider receiving medical attention: You need to be examined for physical evidence and injury and you may have injuries that you are not aware of. If you need a ride, ask a trusted friend, talk to your RA, get an escort from the campus police, or ask the hospital for an ambulance. Our closest hospital is Mary Washington Hospital, located at 1001 Sam Perry Blvd. Fredericksburg, VA 22401.


  • Consider filing a report with University Police (540) 654-1025. University Police can meet with you to discuss your options in terms of pressing charges or filing a report. University Police are trained in handling sexual assault and interpersonal violence cases. If the assault occurred off-campus, meeting with a UMW detective can assist you in filing a report with a local police department in which the assault occurred.


  • Consider filing a report with The Office of Title IX. You can reach them at or (540) 654-1166. You can also speak with the Director of Compliance and Title IX/ADA Coordinator. They can be reached at or (540)654-5656.  Within the University community, people who are sexually assaulted are encouraged to report any violations of UMW’s Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence or Prohibited Conduct Policy. Offenders are in violation of UMW’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. You can meet with Ruth Davison, Director of Compliance and Title IX/ADA Coordinator or the Deputy Title IX Coordinators ( to discuss your options.


  • Consider seeking support. Talking with a trusted friend, relative, RA or a trained counselor who can assist you in taking care of yourself. It is important not to neglect the emotions you may be experiencing as a result of the assault. These people can provide you with the support and care you may need. Talley Center for Counseling Services has counselors trained in issues related to sexual assault and trauma. The RCASA and Empowerhouse also provide individual and group counseling services. Counselors at the counseling center can help link you with a counselor at the counseling center or in the community.  Please remember, if this happens to you, you are NOT alone and consider seeking out appropriate supports at this time.

Remember your information will be kept confidential.  In seeking support from RCASA, Empowerhouse or the counseling center, you can feel assured that your personal information will be kept confidential.  It is up to you if and when you may choose to “make a report” the counseling center, RCASA, and Empowerhouse are services in place to provide support to you, and you are in control of whether or not you choose to make a report to the police, or The Office of Title IX.  However, if you choose to do this, we would be happy to assist you in this process.


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