For Parents

How to Survive Freshman Year…As a Parent!

The college years, late adolescence and young adulthood, are a critical developmental time in the life of your child. In addition to growing intellectually, he or she is learning to live independently, make choices, accept responsibility, form relationships with others, contribute to the community, and further develop a sense of identity and purpose in life. These important steps are never easy and are often quite stressful for all parties involved. This is also a time when some individuals first experience problems with depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders.

As licensed mental health professionals, our staff members understand the concerns and anxieties that parents of university students experience. We view parents as critical partners in helping students survive and thrive in the university environment. Whether you have questions about adjustment to the university or other psychological or emotional issues confronting your student, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns and answer your questions.

Because psychological wellness is such an important component of every student’s success, we also encourage you to become familiar with the information on our website, to learn about the symptoms of depression, anxiety disorders, eating concerns, substance abuse, and to become familiar with our services. In this way we can be effective partners for our students’ wellness and mental health.