Talley Center for Counseling Services

Welcome to the Talley Center for Counseling Services


To get connected with services, please contact our office at (540) 654-1053. 

In accordance with CDC recommendations for social distancing and promoting the UMW community’s health and public safety, we ask that individuals who seek services or any other assistance contact our office at (540) 654-1053 rather than come in-person. In the instance that in-person assistance is necessary, the wearing of face masks will be required, without exception.  Please note that any individuals experiencing any symptoms of illness will not be permitted entrance for in-person assistance under any circumstances.

We recognize that this is an anxiety-provoking time and we encourage students and members of the UMW community to reach out to friends, family, or colleagues during this time. It is encouraged to do so by phone or online to promote social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The following resources remain available for 24/7 Support:

For resources to combat idleness and improve your mental health, we have specifically crafted a Reducing Idleness Resources page to support the UMW Community during this time of Social Distancing. We invite you to visit the resource page and we hope that you enjoy.

Any changes to TCCS operations will be posted to our homepage. Please contact our office at (540) 654-1053 with any questions. For the latest updates on the University’s Return to Campus Plan, please visit: https://umw.edu/returntocampus/

University life is exciting but can also be very challenging. Our staff of licensed mental health professionals, as well as resident therapists and graduate/doctoral interns, help students meet the demands of college effectively and help support their personal, social, and intellectual growth and development.  As part of the Division of Student Affairs, Talley Center for Counseling Services is committed to furthering student development, especially in Wellness, Leadership, and Citizenship. The counseling center supports both the academic mission of the University of Mary Washington and the ‘out-of-class learning’ experience by providing individual and group counseling services to full-time degree-seeking students enrolled on the Fredericksburg campus. We offer crisis intervention, consultation, community referrals, and training and educational outreach programs to the entire UMW community.

If you have questions regarding our department that are not addressed here, please stop by our office or call and we will be happy to help! You’ll find friendly and welcoming staff at the counseling center who understand that sometimes, it’s hard to reach out. We will do our best to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable.



(Tyler House)

At this time, Tyler House is not ADA accessible. If there are any mobility concerns, please schedule an appointment at Lee Hall Rm 106.