Latino Identities Month

Latino Identities Month Celebration 2021

¡Bienvenid@s! Latino Student Association, the James Farmer Multicultural Center, and the UMW campus community would like to invite you to this year’s Latino Identities Month. Our theme, Comunidad, was inspired by the hardships that we overcame together throughout 2020. Refresh yourselves from our time in quarantine and join us at our educational seminars, thrilling dance nights, and our main event, Sabor Latino! Learn and experience more of our Latino culture through our role in society today, including different fashion styles and unforgettable traditional food. Be a part of our comunidad once again. ¡Chau!

Latino Identities Month Keynote Performance:  El Caribefunk

Thursday, September 16   |  7 p.m.  |  Location TBD

El Caribefunk is a musical project from Cartagena, Colombia. The group was formed in 2012 in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, where musicians from different latitudes met each other and started to study and create music together. After being a four piece band, today El Caribefunk continues as a fully independent self-managed duo, which has brought its new challenges. Their most recent album “Energía para Regalar” received a Latin Grammy 2020 nomination for best contemporary album/Tropical fusion and reflects the maturity of the new Caribefunk. El Caribefunk current formation of Funkcho Salas (vocals and guitar) and Andrés Mordecai (percussionist and vocalist) is the result of a never ending search for the most natural and wholesome way to apply new musical influences and to connect with their audience. All the contributing members have defined the project as a mental state, an organic sound, a place where African music meets the greater Caribbean. Since 2012 El Caribefunk have taken their music to the most distant countries. Initially, in Buenos Aires and various cities in Argentina and Colombia. However, what started as a backpacking trip through Latin America, ended up kickstarting the exposure of (and demand for) their music in the streets, bars or beaches of a multitude of Latin American cities. In the following years, the spectrum expanded throughout almost all of America and Europe, leading the group to a self-managed tour around 23 countries.

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