Asian Cultural Celebration

Asian Cultural Celebration 2020

October 26 – October 31

A Night Out:  Asia Under the Stars

The streets of urban Asia are known for their personable appeal, its food, wares, and performances reflecting a special element of each culture. Many build connections under the lanterns of the bustling night, surrounded by memorable activities and friendly faces. From tourists to locals, the streets are one of the best ways to learn and experience Asian culture.  Join the Asian Student Association, in collaboration with the James Farmer Multicultural Center, as we explore the diversity of culture and night life as experienced through film, food, performances, and activities, all culminating in the annual Taste of Asia event.

Exploring the History of Asian Markets in the U.S.
Monday, October 26 | 5:00 pm  |  Register here for the Exploring the History of Asian Markets in the U.S.

The history of Asian markets globally follows the history of Asian emigration. Chinese began emigrating in large numbers to settle in other Asian countries beginning in the 14th century during the Ming Dynasty.  Chain migration and discrimination led to the formation of ethnic communities overseas where shops mainly served local residents. Outside visitors to marketplaces in such communities as Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Koreatown and Little Saigon popularized many Asian products. Continuing immigration and growing demand for these products has spurred the global proliferation of such Asian supermarkets as 99 Ranch Market (Chinese), Mitsuwa (Japanese), and H-Mart (Korean).


Movie Night: Kingdom of Dreams and Madness
Tuesday, October 27 | 7:00 pm  |  Register here for the ACC Movie Night

Studio Ghibli has brought many memorable films from Japan all over the world, bringing us not only entertainment but also teaching us valuable lessons along the way. From Spirited Away, to My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, experience what it was like working on some of these magical films. Join us afterwards for a casual Zoom discussion!


[This event has been cancelled.] Asian Cultural Celebration Keynote Performer: Thai Nattasin DC
Wednesday, Oct. 28 | 7 pm  |  Register here for the Asian Cultural Celebration Keynote event.

Thai Nattasin DC’s mission is to showcase the rich culture and history of Thailand through song and dance. Thai classical dance is very elegant, graceful, filled with brilliant colors and has a radiating presence. A great deal of symbolism is displayed in their complex and beautifully executed fingers and hands movements.

Their performance will take you back 1500 years. As they travel back in time to celebrate Thailand’s 4 dynasties, the spectacular ornate costumes and jewelry will offer the audience a rare glimpse of the greatness and wonders that each dynasty had to offer during their reign, leading to the creation of the Kingdom of Thailand.

Karaoke/Game Night
Thursday, October 29 | 7 pm  |  Register here for the ACC Karaoke/Game Night

Tired? Want a stress reliever after a long week? Well, come and join us on our Virtual Game night where we will open a Discord server specifically for tonight’s event. There will be assorted games and karaoke while relaxing yourself, so don’t be shy and bring some friends to let loose.


Taste of Asia
Saturday, Oct. 31 | 4 pm |  Register here for Taste of Asia
Sponsored by the Asian Student Association.

Taste of Asia is an annual celebration of Asian culture. The Asian Student Association invites you and the community to a free virtual celebration of Asian culture on Zoom, featuring a fashion show, cooking demonstrations, and live dance performances.


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