Asian Cultural Celebration

Asian Cultural Celebration 2018

Our Asian American Identity: The Next Generation

Despite the advancements made by Asian Americans, there is still a lack of representation across media platforms and mainstream culture about their histories and numerous contributions to American society. In an effort to change misperceptions, the next generation of Asian Americans are dedicated to illuminating what their cultures and traditions have contributed to this nation. Join the Asian Student Association and the James Farmer Multicultural Center for educational seminars, entertaining cultural performances, and interactive group activities, along with the annual Taste of Asia event.

Asian Cultural Celebration Keynote Performer: Prem Raja Mahat
Sunday, October 28 | 4 pm | Digital Auditorium, Hurley Convergence Center

Prem Raja Mahat is a Nepal folk legend. “In his home country of Nepal, Prem Raja is one of the most popular singers,” NPR’s Steve Inskeep said of the multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. “Think of him as Bob Dylan of Kathmandu…or Elvis of the Himalayas.” The honorary counsel general of Nepal to American, Mahat previously headlined the Virginia Reaches Out earthquake benefit in Fredericksburg to support the victims of the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. He and his wife own the Nepal House restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Japanese American Redress and the Asian American Movement
Monday, October 29 | 12:00 pm | Colonnade Room 315, University Center

The social movements of the 1950s and 1960s inspired Japanese Americans to speak out against internment during World War II and demand that the government acknowledge the injustice of mass incarceration.  Hear the complex history of this movement, and how the coalitions within and without the Japanese American community made palpable change in our understanding of the war. This example is also an important lesson in the vigilance required to protect our rights, especially in a time of hate crimes, racial profiling, and indefinite detentions.

Movie Night: Documented: A Film by an Undocumented Immigrant
Tuesday, October 30 | 5:30 pm | Digital Auditorium, Hurley Convergence Center

In an essay published in The New York Times Magazine in 2011, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas revealed his status as an undocumented immigrant.  This film tells the history of his journey to America from the Philippines, his life in the United States as an undocumented immigrant and immigration reform activist, and his personal journey to reconnect with his mother in the Philippines.

‘“Asian American”: The When, Why, and Who. A Brown Bag Lunch Lecture with Dr. Mara Scanlon Wednesday, Wednesday, October 31 | 12:00 pm | Colonnade Room 315, University Center

Dr. Scanlon will discuss The Movement of 50 years ago and the emergence of an empowered but limited “Asian American” voice in politics and literature.

Game Night
Wednesday, October 31 | 7 pm | Chandler Ballroom

Do you want to come out and have fun? Come to ASA’s Game Night co-sponsored with other multicultural clubs and organizations. It is going to be an event that you’re going to enjoy. There will be games and prizes (if you win)!

Asian Cultural Dinner
Thursday, Nov. 1 | 5 pm | Dining at the Top of the UC, University Center
Co-sponsored by Campus Dining
Cost: 1 meal swipe, Cash /Credit /EagleOne $12.25 + tax

Asian cuisine is comprised of several regional cuisines throughout the continent, including East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, etc.  Join the Asian Student Association and Campus Dining for an Asian Cultural Celebration Dinner at the Top of the UC. The menu will feature Filipino, Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Polynesian dishes!  Before you leave, check out the celebration display and receive additional information about upcoming events.

Karaoke Night
Thursday, Nov. 1 | 7 pm | Digital Auditorium, Hurley Convergence Center

Always wanted to sing “A Whole New World” with your roommate? Bring out the inner performer in you at Karaoke Night!  All groups and members of the UMW community are welcome to join the party. A variety of your favorite Asian snacks and candies will be available for purchase. To reserve a group table, please contact the Asian Student Association at

Taste of Asia
Saturday, Nov. 3 | 4 pm | Chandler Ballroom, University Center
Sponsored by the Asian Student Association.
Cost information: $3 for UMW students, faculty and staff; $5 for the general public; or three canned food items.

Taste of Asia is an annual celebration of Asian culture. This popular event provides both entertainment and education, as Asian culture and lifestyle are presented through a fashion show, dance performances, and an array of ethnic foods.

For more information, please contact the James Farmer Multicultural Center at 540/654-1044 or visit our web page at