Diversity Education Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in the different diversity and inclusion workshops available for the campus community.  Please browse our selection of trainings and workshops designed to increase cultural understanding, examination of bias, or self-awareness of identity.  You may complete the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in hosting a workshop for your group, organization, or department.  Please contact umwjfmc@gmail.com or call 540.654-1044 with any questions.

Accessibility 101 Workshop
Students; Student Leaders; Faculty/Staff  |  120 minutes

The Accessibility 101 Workshop is developed as an opportunity to begin to build awareness and understanding of how our practices, policies, attitudes, language, and interactions impact individuals with disabilities. Information on what it means to be accessible will also be discussed.

The learning outcomes of this workshop include:

  1. Furthering understanding to support the disability community through basic examination of your current state
  2. Development of goals in relation to promoting accessibility

For more information on Accessibility 101, including a list of our Accessibility Partners and an accessible version of the powerpoint, please visit the ODR website: Accessibility 101.

Accessible Programming
Faculty/Staff/Students/Student Leaders/Classrooms  |  30-60 minutes

Are you involved with developing events and/or programming for your department? Develop the skills for supporting a variety of needs for an event/program, from marketing materials to the day of the event/program.

Animals on Campus
Faculty/Staff/Students/Student Leaders/Classrooms  |  30-60 minutes

Learn about the differences of support animals (emotional support, therapy, service animal), as well as rights and responsibilities of animal handlers and community members.


Brown Bag Lunch Options
Faculty/Staff/Students/Student Leaders/Classrooms  |  30-60 minutes

Topics include the following:

  • Working through Physical Access Issues
  • Supporting Students with Public Speaking Accommodations
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Career Transition Support
  • What is the ODR?
  • Challenging Behaviors in the Classroom
  • Disability Etiquette

Circles of My Multicultural Self
Students; Student Leaders  |  90 minutes

The “Circles” activity engages participants in a process of identifying what they consider to be the most important dimensions of their own identities. Stereotypes are examined as participants share stories about when they were proud to be part of a particular group and when it was especially hurtful to be associated with a particular group.

Creating an Inclusive Environment Workshop
Students; Student Leaders; Classrooms  |  60-90 minutes

Everyone wants to feel welcomed and valued in their respective community.  A welcoming and inclusive community exists where all members feel heard, involved, supported and respected; there are opportunities for a positive, productive, and engaging environment for the open and respectful exchange of ideas, perspectives, and opinions; and all members are able to thrive, perform and contribute fully and successfully.  This interactive workshop will explore the concept and benefits of inclusion within a community.  Participants will gain the tools and strategies that are important to building an inclusive and engaging environment.

Creating Accessible Electronic Materials (Topics Listed Below)
Faculty/Staff/Students/Student Leaders/Classrooms  | 30-60 minutes


  • Word Documents
  • Powerpoint
  • Website
  • PDF

Forced Choices
Students; Student Leaders; Faculty/Staff  |  30-45 minutes

This activity will make participants examine their own identities and how their identities—or the importance of certain identities—may change in different situations.  This activity encourages deep discussion and intergroup understanding.

Identity and Intersectionality Workshop
Faculty/Staff; Students  |  3 hours

This training can be offered for faculty, staff, or students interested in learning about and discussing issues related to social group identities. The topics include privilege, power, oppression, prejudice, diversity, cultural competency, intersectionality, and allyship. The goal of the workshop is to encourage participants to engage in self-reflection in order to strengthen their role as an ally for people of all identities. Ideally, participants will have attended at least one Safe Zone workshop prior to attending this training, but this is not mandatory.

Identity Sculptures
Students; Student Leaders; Classrooms  |  60-90 minutes

The Identity Sculpture activity engages participants in identity exploration and perspective-taking through an interactive activity geared toward self-examination.  Through the discussion, participants are asked to use stereotyping and assumptions as a way to relate and then will be led to question these assumptions and the ways in which we create exclusive spaces in our community through words, actions, or systems.

Implicit Bias Workshop
Students |  60-90 minutes+

Research shows that we all have implicit biases that affect how we make associations about various individuals based on one or more of their respective identities.  Research also shows that we can combat these biases by gaining a greater understanding of where and how we learned them and also being open to countering the negative messages/associations with each one.  This interactive workshop session will explore what is implicit bias, the processes that create biases in our mind which affect our attitudes and interactions, as well as provide concrete strategies to counteract implicit bias.

Incorporating Accessibility into Your Department’s Procurement Process
Faculty/Staff  |  30-60 minutes

Are you involved with purchasing software/hardware for your department? Develop the skills for determining whether or not the items chosen are accessible, and an understanding of the risks of inaccessibility for your department and the university.

Microaggressions Workshop
Students; Student Leaders; Faculty/Staff; Classrooms  |  60-90 minutes+

This is an interactive workshop designed to increase awareness of the concept of microaggressions, understand how they impact individuals and communities, and explore strategies to respond when encountering different situations when microaggressions occur.  Participants will gain more confidence and capacity in effectively addressing biased comments and behaviors, in addition to learning how one can contribute to a positive, respectful, and inclusive campus climate.

Queering Your Classroom Workshop
Faculty  |  3 hours

This is a Faculty only classroom-based workshop. It is open to any faculty interested in discussing ways to make their classroom more LGBTQ+ inclusive. The goal of the workshop is to identify particular action steps you can take to make your syllabi, materials, or classroom policies more welcoming and inclusive of all students, regardless of their gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Ideally, participants will have attended at least one Safe Zone workshop prior to attending this training, but this is not mandatory.

Safe Zone Training
Students; Student Leaders; Faculty/Staff  |  60-90 minutes

Visit https://students.umw.edu/multicultural/safe-zone-program/safezone-training/for more information.