Safe Zone Trainers & Members

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Safe Zone Trainers and Committee Members

Dr. Laura Wilson
Psychological Science, Director of Safe Zone
Mindy Erchull
Psychological Science
Virginia Mackintosh Psychological Science
Kate Haffey English, Linguistics, & Communication
Ray Levy English & Linguistics
Miriam Liss Psychological Sciences
Melissa Palguta Talley Center for Counseling Services
Ethan Lowery Campus Ministry
Marion Sanford James Farmer Multicultural Center
Rosemarie Staggs Psychological Science
Laura Wilson Psychological Science


 Faculty and Staff Safe Zone Members

These faculty and staff have completed at least one Safe Zone training at UMW.
Alphabetized by department or office.

Name Department
Charles Tate Academic Services
Paul Messplay Administration & Finance
Amanda Hart Admissions
Olivia Lehman Admissions
Sarah Lindberg Admissions
Maureen Aylward Advancement
Ken Steen Advancement
Katie Turcotte Advancement
Phillip Duggins Alumni Relations
Jeremy Vaughn Alumni Relations
Mark Thaden Alumni Relations
Shelby Orlando Annual Giving
Julia DeLancey Art and Art History
Carole Garmon Art and Art History
Peige Keller Art and Art History
Marjorie Och Art and Art History
Suzie Kim Art History
Justin Anderson Athletics
Patrick Catullo Athletics
Caitlin Moore Athletics
Madeline Taghon Athletics
Deborah Conway Athletics, Health, and Physical Education
Theresa Grana Biological Sciences
Bradley Lamphere Biological Sciences
Michael Stebar Biological Sciences
Abby Tomba Biological Sciences
April Wynn Biological Sciences
Deborah Zies Biological Sciences
Laura Sipe Biological Sciences
Robert Strassheim Board of Visitors
Brett McMichael Bookstore
Pamela Taggert Budget
Patty Land Business Services
Elizabeth Snader Campus Christian Community
Shannon Waite Campus Christian Community
Ethan Lowery Campus Ministry
Brittanie Naff Campus Rec
Mary Becelia Career Center
Andrea Cordray Career Center
Bianca Hightower Career Center
Kimberly Young Career Center / Career and Professional Studies
Brian Baker Center for Economic Development
Jill Hyman Center for International Education
Sarah Moran Center for International Education
Victoria Russell Center for Teaching
Sarah Smith Chemistry & Physics
Matthew Fleenor Chemistry & Physics
Leanna Giancarlo Chemistry & Physics
Janet Asper Chemistry and Physics
Nicole Crowder Chemistry and Physics
Randall Reif Chemistry and Physics
Kelli Slunt Chemistry and Physics
Mary Beth Mathews Classics, Philosophy, Religion
Angela Pitts Classics, Philosophy, Religion
Craig Vassey Classics, Philosophy, Religion
John Burrow College of Business
Alex Dunn College of Business
Kimberly Gower College of Business
Kashef Majid College of Business
John Marsh College of Business
Kelsey Whitacre College of Business
Ken Machande College of Business
Janine Davis College of Eduation
John Broome College of Education
Beverly Epps College of Education
Peter Kelly College of Education
Danielle Springston College of Education
Melissa Wells College of Education
J. D. Swerzenski Communications & Digital Studies
Anand Rao Communications & Digital Studies
Zach Whalen Communications & Digital Studies
Elizabeth Johnson-Young Communications & Digital Studies
Stephen Davies Computer Science
Nancy Shehata Copy and Mail Services
Amme Mahler Snipes Copy and Mail Services
Keith Mellinger Dean of College of Arts and Sciences
Cedric Rucker Dean of Student Life
Cartland Berge Digital Learning Support
Jerry Slezak Digital Learning Support
Marissa Miller Director Center for Prevention and Education
Pamela Grothe Earth & Environmental Science
Brandy Ellard Emergency Management and Safety
Laura Bylenok English and Linguistics
Chris Foss English and Linguistics
Kate Haffey English and Linguistics
Janie Lee English and Linguistics
Jonathan Levin English and Linguistics
Ray Levy English and Linguistics
Maya Mathur English and Linguistics
Marie McAllister English and Linguistics
Gary Richards English and Linguistics
Warren Rochelle English and Linguistics
Elizabeth Wade English and Linguistics
Mara Scanlon English and Linguistics
Ali Gauch Hieber Events & Conferencing
Heather Hosey Events & Conferencing
Sue Lafayette Events & Conferencing
Douglas Noble Events & Conferencing
Susan Worrell Events & Conferencing
Mark Simpkins Events & Conferencing
Marissa DiMeo Events & Conferencing
Susan Lafayette Events & Conferencing
Milton Kline Facilities Services
Melinda Albrycht Finance
Dei Bayer Finance
Arin Doerfler Finance
Julie Smith Finance
Alicia Tisdale Finance
Marco Millones Mayer Geography
Amanda Rutstein Geography; Sociology & Anthropology
Chrstine Henry Historic Preservation
Dan Hubbard Historic Preservation
Lauren McMillan Historic Preservation
Andrea Livi Smith Historic Preservation
Will Mackintosh History & American Studies
Jason Sellers History & American Studies
Erin Devlin History & American Studies
Claudine Ferrell History & American Studies
Amanda Ronay Honors/Community Engagement
Terri Arthur Human Resources
Pam Lowery Human Resources
Debra Wander Human Resources
Beth Williams Human Resources
Jessica Batten Human Resources
Hall Cheshire Information Technologies Support Services
Edward Gray Information Technologies Support Services
Debra Schleef Institutional Analysis
Samantha McDonough IT Business
Robin Parker IT Support Services
Marion Sanford James Farmer Multicultural Center
Shawn Ryder Jepson Alumni Executive Center
Christian Zammas Katora Cafe
Sarah Appleby Library
Rosemary Arneson Library
Peter Catlin Library
Shannon Hauser Library
Elizabeth Heitsch Library
Angie Kemp Library
Andrea Meckley Library
James Pape Library
Suzanne Sumner Mathematics
Maria Laura Bocaz Modern Languages and Literatures
Jennifer Buist Modern Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth Lewis Modern Languages and Literatures
M. Patricia Orozco Modern Languages and Literatures
Marcel Rotter Modern Languages and Literatures
Michael Bratt Music
In Dal Choi Music
Brooks Kuykendall Music
Maxxx Dennis Music
Robert Wells Music
Alex Ecklund Office of Disability Resources
Jessica Machado Office of Disability Resources
Shavonne Shorter Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Raymond Tuttle Office of Student Conduct and Responsibility
Jeffrey McClurken Office of the President
Jennifer Cooper Office of the Provost
Kathryn Pastore Office of Title IX
Stefanie Lucas-Waverly Office of Title IX
Jean Elliott Parking Management
Kayla Hill Payroll
Leslie Petrey Payroll
Surupa Gupta Political Science
Troy Paino President
Michelle Pickham Procurement
Timothy O’Donnell Provost
Amy O’Reilly Provost’s Office
Mindy Erchull Psychological Science
Dave Kolar Psychological Science
Marcus Leppanen Psychological Science
Miriam Liss Psychological Science
Virginia Mackintosh Psychological Science
Jennifer Mailloux Psychological Science
Christine McBride Psychological Science
Erin Palmwood Psychological Science
David Rettinger Psychological Science
Courtney Ricciardi Psychological Science
Holly Schiffrin Psychological Science
Rosemarie Staggs Psychological Science
Dave Stahlman Psychological Science
Hilary Stebbins Psychological Science
Laura Wilson Psychological Science
Gayle Mitchell Rappahannock Scholars Program
Rita Thompson Rapphannock Scholars Program
Terri Giller RCASA
Janet Ison RCASA
Maria Mady RCASA
Ileana Negron RCASA
Alex Weathersby RCASA
Kevin Caffrey Registrar’s Office
Brian Ogle Registrar’s Office
Patricia Sarkuti Registrar’s Office
Mary White Registrar’s Office
David Flemming Residence Life
Rebecca Harris Simpson Library
Carolyn S. Parsons Simpson Library
Dee Chasten Simpson Library
Bridget Brew Sociology & Anthropology
Leslie Martin Sociology & Anthropology
Adrienne Brovero Speaking Center
Kim McManus-Carini Student Accounts
Alec Mallmann Student Activities and Engagement
Sandrine Sutphin Student Activities and Engagement
Juliette Landphair Student Affairs
Melissa Jones Student Affairs
Anna Casana Student Health Center
Iris Garcia Student Health Center
Nancy Wang Student Health Center
René Sanders Student Health Center
Lisa Mewherter Student Health Center
Justin Wilkes Student Transition Program
Debbie Dunivan-Ayala Talley Center
Dymond Booth Talley Center
Brande Evans Talley Center
DVM Maurer Talley Center
Susan McAlister Talley Center
Amira Niori Talley Center
Melissa Palguta Talley Center
Tevya Zukor Talley Center
Kellie McCall Talley Center
Jimmy Nguyen Talley Center
Michael Benson Theatre & Dance
Cate Brewer Theatre & Dance
Kevin McCluskey Theatre & Dance
Gregg Stull Theatre & Dance
Chris Porter Transfer and Off-Campus Student Success
Giovanni Baez UMW Police
M.T. Borders UMW Police
Dillon Brooks UMW Police
Adam Chewning UMW Police
Michael Cornelius UMW Police
Raymond Gill UMW Police
Michael Hall UMW Police
M. Jackson UMW Police
Tegan Lewis UMW Police
Jeffrey Perry UMW Police
Mark Sandor UMW Police
Abbey Sercombe UMW Police
JC Snipes UMW Police
Brad Sullivan UMW Police
Charles Wheeler UMW Police
Amy Jessee University Communications
Paige Shiplett University Relations
Malcom Holmes University Relations and Communications
Daniel Saucier Webcasting
Heather Guhl Writing and Speaking Centers
Lindsey McCuistion Writing Center


Student Organizations/Student Leaders

Since the founding of Safe Zone in 2014, approximately 450 students have completed a Safe Zone training at UMW.  If you would like to complete the Safe Zone Training, please visit the Safe Zone Training Request for more information.