Islamic Cultural Celebration

Islamic Cultural Celebration 2019

Islam Has No Color

All different people are like fingers on a hand, they have unique characteristics, but also share common purposes and humanity.  Islam teaches that no one has superiority over another, whether by race, color, etc.  Our belief is that we are all created equal and should strive with one another in acts of piety and good action.  Please join the Muslim Student Association and the James Farmer Multicultural Center in shedding light on the truth and dispelling any stereotypes.


Islamic Cultural Celebration Kickoff

Monday, April 1 | 12:00 Noon | Front of Lee Hall

Join MSA as they kick off the weekly celebration on Ball Circle featuring a cultural display, music, and appetizers originating from predominantly Muslim countries. We will be giving away red roses to help spread love and faith to all.  Come and chat with the club members to learn about the events for the rest of the week!

Islamic Cultural Celebration Kickoff Dinner

Monday, April 1 | 5:00 pm | Dining Services, University Center, 4th floor

Cost: 1 meal swipe; Cash/Credit/Eagle One $12.25 + tax

Join us for traditional food from predominantly Muslim countries and listen to a variety of multicultural music.  Before you leave, check out the display and receive additional information about upcoming events.

The Art of Henna

Tuesday, April 2 | 6:00 pm | University Center, 2nd floor lobby

The art of henna is incorporated in many facets of Islam. It has been around longer than the religion itself and is celebrated by individuals from around the world.  Please join MSA as we offer free henna designs and share the history of henna in combination with giving away multicultural bangles and appetizers to our guests.

Interfaith Harmony Discussion

Wednesday, April 3 | 6:30 pm | Chandler Ballroom A/B, University Center

Please join us to participate with UMW faculty, along with community members, as they have a panel discussion on the portrayal of the Abrahamic religions in the media and its impact on public opinion. Light refreshments will be provided.

Islamic Cultural Celebration Banquet: Salaam Bhatti

Thursday, April 4 | 7:00 pm | Chandler Ballroom, University Center

Salaam Bhatti is a public benefits attorney at the Virginia Poverty Law Center; a spokesperson for the nation’s largest Muslim organization, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA; a TEDx speaker, a stand-up comedian, a husband, and a marathoner.  He also vlogs about his ongoing search to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie at  Bhatti and his wife live in Richmond, Virginia.  Through this program, people will gain a greater awareness of the culture of Islam.


If you have any questions, please email the James Farmer Multicultural Center at or call 540-654-1044.