Islamic Cultural Celebration

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Islamic Cultural Celebration 2022

UMW continues to monitor campus, local, and statewide COVID-19 data and has instituted protocols to protect our campus community.  These protocols include requiring proper mask wearing while indoors, requiring proof of vaccination or a recent negative test, reducing occupancy limits at events, or restricting attendance to UMW community members only, obtaining contact information from event attendees for contact tracing, and requesting that the University be notified of any positive COVID test within 14 days of attending an event at UMW.  The University may also implement additional restrictions if cases increase on campus or in the region. We encourage you to check our website for updates prior to arriving to campus for a scheduled event.

Islam is one of the fastest-growing religions in the world. Although there are over 2 million people in the U.S that practice Islam, as a community what do we really know about Muslims? Islam teaches and emphasizes the practice of coexistence in society. The Quran dedicates an entire surah to this stating “I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshippers of what I worship. Nor will I be a worshipper of what you worship. Nor will you be a worshipper of what I worship. For you is your religion, and for me is my religion”. Despite this there are many misunderstandings of Islam and stereotypes regarding Muslims. Understanding one another, regardless of our differences, allows us to build a sympathetic community. A community where each member feels safe and connected. In an effort to solidify such community, please join the Muslim Student Association and the James Farmer Multicultural Center as we spread a better understanding of who we are as Muslims and not who we are perceived to be.


Islamic Cultural Celebration Kickoff

Monday, April 4 | 12:00 Noon | Front of Lee Hall

Join MSA as they kick off the weekly celebration on Ball Circle featuring music originating from predominantly Muslim countries. We will be giving away red roses to help spread love and faith to all.  Come and chat with the club members to learn about the events for the rest of the week!


Islamic Cultural Celebration Kickoff Dinner*

Monday, April 4 | 5:00 pm | Dining Services, University Center, 4th floor

Cost: 1 Meal Swipe; $11.00 Flex; Eagle One or credit card $13.50

Co-sponsored by University Dining

Join us for traditional food from predominantly Muslim countries and listen to a variety of multicultural music.  Before you leave, ask us about any additional information about upcoming events.


Interfaith Harmony Discussion

Tuesday, April 5 | 5:00 pm | Monroe 346

Please join us to participate with our respective panelists, along with community members, as they have a discussion on the different Abrahamic religions and the similarities they share with their tenets/doctrines/beliefs on promoting peace and love in society. How each of their experiences are different yet at times similar. The panelists will provide greater understanding of these religions, how they are practiced in different parts of the world, and their global and local impact.


The Art of Henna

Wednesday, April 6 | 5:00 pm | University Center, 2nd floor lobby

The art of henna is incorporated in many facets of Islam. Please join MSA as we offer henna designs and an evening full of cultural music and snacks.


Islamic Cultural Banquet Keynote Speaker:  Jordan Denari Duffner

Co-sponsored by the Khatib Program in Religion & Dialogue

Thursday, April 7  |  7 p.m.  |  Chandler Ballroom C, University Center

Jordan Denari Duffner is an author, educator, and scholar of Muslim-Christian relations. Her books are Finding Jesus among Muslims: How Loving Islam Makes Me a Better Catholic and Islamophobia: What Christians Should Know (and Do) about Anti-Muslim Discrimination. Ms. Duffner is currently pursuing a PhD in theology and religious studies at Georgetown University, and is a former Fulbright researcher in Amman, Jordan. Her writing has been published widely in both lay and academic outlets, and she serves as a frequent media commentator and consultant for non-profits, journalists, and church leaders. Ms. Duffner lives outside Washington, DC with her husband Chris.




If you have any questions, please email the James Farmer Multicultural Center at or call 540-654-1044.