Meditation Space


The Meditation Space, located in the second floor of the University Center, was designed to provide a supportive and spiritually nourishing environment for students from all backgrounds and cultures to pray, reflect, and relax. Having a quiet space dedicated to individual self-knowledge and renewal will enhance the campus experience for many students.


Any current students, regardless of faith or belief, may use the Meditation Space to seek quiet time for meditation and reflection. The space is intended for individual use only – and not for any organized group activity or meetings. The Meditation Space will be available for students to
access from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. It will be closed on weekends, university holidays, and academic term breaks.  Students who enter the facility must adhere to the guidelines.


  1. Before using the space for the first time, a signed User Agreement Form must be completed and submitted at the UC Information Desk.
  2. Must swipe University ID card each time for entry at the UC Information Desk.  Your card will remain at the Information Desk while you are using the space.
  3. All shoes must be removed and placed on the shoe rack upon entering the facility.
  4. Any bags or backpacks must be placed in the storage bins in the storage room.
  5. Must replace all equipment (prayer mats, cushions, resource materials, etc.) when leaving the Meditation Space. No equipment is to be removed from the facility.
  6. Silence and mutual respect are expected at all times.
  7. Music is to be listened to through earphones or earplugs with all musical devices (e.g., iPods, MP3 players, etc.). No loud music is permitted.
  8. Food and beverages (with the exception of water) are not permitted in the meditation rooms.
  9. Cellular phones must be placed on silent upon entry.
  10. Candles, burning oils, incense or any other flammable items are not permitted in the facility.
  11. No posters, signs, or other displays are to be placed inside or outside the meditation rooms at any time, unless first approved by the JFMC staff.
  12. Telephones are for emergency use only.

Individuals not adhering to these guidelines will be restricted from use of this space. Failure to comply with the guidelines or repeated misuse of the space may result in disciplinary action. The James Farmer Multicultural Center will provide general oversight and monitoring of the Meditation Space, with assistance from University Police. All students who use this space have a shared responsibility with the university in ensuring the safety and security of this designated space. Therefore, it is imperative that if a student observes any person or activity in the Meditation Space that is inappropriate to the purpose of this space, they are strongly encouraged to contact University Police (654-1025 or 654-4444 for emergencies) immediately if the person or action poses an immediate threat or danger to the space, or contact the staff of the James Farmer Multicultural Center (654-1044) as soon as possible to report such activity.