Islamic Student Association (ISA)


Islamic Student Association (ISA)

The Islamic Student Association (ISA) is a relatively young club, yet we plan many activities to help spread an understanding about Islam. Islam Awareness Week is a major event that we have in April during spring semester. This past year included events such as speakers, cultural night, and a culminating dinner. In addition, we always plan trips to art museums in Washington, D.C. and local mosques. In the spring, we attend the annual Muslim Student Association East-Zone Conference where all the MSAs on the east coast gather for a weekend of fun. If you are looking to learn something new while having a good time, ISA is for you. We always have a lot of fun and are always willing to help people understand Islam.

To contact ISA, please email

President: Aisha/Thikiri Yee

Co-Vice presidents: Aram Mohammadi, Kutoof Alwazir

Secretary: Karim Mian

Treasurer:  Haris Casim