Citizenship Award for Diversity Leadership Scholarship

Pictured above: the 2013- 2014 Citizenship Award for Diversity Leadership recipient, Kevin Lopez.

Each year the President’s Community Advisory Committee on Diversity presents a Mary Washington student with the Citizenship Award for Diversity Leadership. This award is given to a rising senior enrolled in the University, who possesses strong characteristics of leadership and demonstrates a personal commitment – advocating for diversity and inclusion across campus. Once the recipient is chosen he or she serves as an ambassador for diversity, a peer mentor to underrepresented students, and a voice for underrepresented populations to the faculty and staff.
To apply for the Citizenship Award for Diversity presented annually during the Diversity Program, which is part of Orientation Week, a student must complete the application as well as submit one (1) faculty or staff recommendation.  Faculty and Staff may nominate students for this award as well.

Once chosen as the recipient of the Citizenship Award for Diversity Leadership, the recipient will be asked to serve in various capacities throughout the 2013- 2014 academic year. The on-going service agenda will be mutually beneficial, service will be provided to the campus community, and the student will continue to develop academically and socially.

Kevin Lopez is a senior at the University of Mary Washington (UMW). Born in Lima, Peru, his family moved to the U.S. when he was very young. In the States, he grew up in Centreville, Virginia. Kevin is majoring in Sociology and strives to make a difference in the lives of others by helping and serving people from all different backgrounds. After graduation, he plans to continue his studies in graduate school studying Criminology or Criminal Justice. Through enhancing the awareness of structural and social injustices in society, his studies at UMW have opened his eyes to how he can help other people. One of Kevin’s goals in life is to help lead others in the right direction as others have guided him.

During his UMW career, Kevin has taken advantage of several wonderful service opportunities. He is active as a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program (BBBS) in the local community, served as a counselor with the UMW’s Student Transition Program (STP) for two summers, recently joined as a volunteer at the Falmouth Fire and Rescue Station, and worked as an employee for three years with Sodexo Dining Services. Kevin credits these experiences and the personal interactions with strengthening his leadership skills and helping him to develop a greater sense of responsibility and integrity.

Citizenship Award for Diversity 2014-2015

Citizenship Award Responsibilities 2014-2015