Asian Cultural Week

Asian Cultural Week 2013

The Wave from the East: A Splash of Asian Culture

The wood block painting “The Great Wave” by Katsushika Hokusai is one of the most iconic pieces of art to emerge from Asia. It portrays a scene of a looming wave about to crash upon three boats set against a backdrop of Mt. Fuji. Similar to the immense size of the depicted wave off the coast of Kanagawa, formed from the depths of the sea, the wave of Asian culture, traditions and history is spreading throughout the entire world. Join the Asian Student Association and the James Farmer Multicultural Center as UMW embarks on a voyage to explore the wonders of Asian culture and all that it has to offer with exciting entertainment, intriguing speakers, and the annual Taste of Asia event. Embrace the wave and get ready to be swept away!

James Farmer Multicultural Center &

Asian Student Association


The Music of Japan and Korea–From Classical to Pop

Monday, Oct. 28| 6 p.m. | Lee Hall, room 412

Dr. Steve Rabson, University of Mary Washington Leidecker Center for Asian Studies

Explore recorded performances and explanations of classical, folk, and popular music. View the original K-pop video Beyond Gangnam Style by UMW student Alexandra Swords.


Japanese Horror Film Festival

Wednesday, Oct. 30| 8 p.m. | Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center

Japanese cinema has taken the horror genre into a different realm, creating some of the most frightening movies ever made. Join us for a horror film experience you won’t soon forget!


Asian Cultural Celebration Keynote Performer: Taikoza—Japanese Drum & Bamboo Flute

Tuesday, Oct. 29| 7 p.m. | Dodd Auditorium, George Washington Hall


143     A phenomenal group of musicians and dancers, Taikoza has dazzled audiences worldwide with its electrifying performances. Drawing from Japan’s complex tradition of music, Taikoza has created a rich repertoire incorporating a variety of musical instruments. Founded in 1995 by former members of the internationally acclaimed taiko group, Ondekoza, Taikoza is more than a percussion group. Performing on drums hollowed out from a solid piece of zelkova wood, the group creates a new sound using shakuhachi (bamboo flutes) and the Koto, a thirteen stringed instrument. Taikoza has appeared on different TV programs such as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, the History Channel in “History vs. Hollywood” and ESPN S.U.M.O: The battle of the Giants. Taikoza is featured in the movie The Commute.


Taste of Asia

Friday, Nov. 1| 7 p.m. | Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center

Co-sponsored by the Asian Student Association

Cost: UMW ID $1 or a canned food item; $3 general public


taste of asia     Taste of Asia is an annual celebration of Asian culture.  This event educates the community about different aspects of Asian cultures and lifestyles through a fashion show, dance performances, and a variety of ethnic foods.