Sport Clubs

UMW sport clubs are student-run organizations that are open to all full-time University of Mary Washington students,  regardless of skill level. The clubs are advised by the Department of Campus Recreation and are designed to provide recreational, instructional, and competitive opportunities for students. All clubs are open to men and women unless otherwise indicated. Whether recreational or competitive, there’s a UMW sport club for everyone. The qualifications to participate in a sport club are little, but the value gained from this experience is great.

Sport Club Contact Information

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Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball


Color Guard



Field Hockey

Football (7 on 7)

Ice Hockey

Men’s Lacrosse


Women’s Lacrosse


Men’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer




Men’s Ultimate Frisbee

Women’s Ultimate Frisbee

Men’s Volleyball

Women’s Volleyball

Running Club


Don’t see a club that fits your needs? Click here to learn how to start a new sport club or reinstate an inactive sport club.

How To Become a Sport Club Athlete

The following forms need to be completed before being considered a sport club athlete.

1. Fill out the Student Athlete Form.
2. Complete the Baseline Concussion Testing on XLNTBrain if your club is required to get baseline concussion testing. Follow the instructions as described on the Student Athlete Form.
3. Contact and inform the individual club leadership once you have received the Student Athlete Confirmation form to indicate that you are cleared to participate in practices and competition.

Sport Club Forms

For Club Officers
When running a sport club, there are a lot of formal processes for traveling, adding new members, and requesting vehicles. See a list of club leadership forms here.

For Club Athletes
To participate in a sport club, there are a few required steps. See the sport club athlete form on MyUMW.

Practice Schedules

In a normal semester, UMW sport clubs practice an average of 2-3 times per week. The practice times are assigned by Campus Recreation and practice content is organized by the club leadership. Please contact a club officer for details regarding practices and attendance policies.

Fall 2021 Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many games will I play if I join a sport club?
A. The number of games played in an academic year are determined by the individual club leadership. Campus Recreation requires a club to participate in a minimum of 2 intercollegiate competitions in an academic year to be recognized as a sport club. Club leadership determines an athletes participation in a game or tournament.
Q. Where do the clubs practice?
A. Depending on the club, they practice either in the Goolrick main basketball gym, Goolrick Aux Gym, or the Campus Recreation Field.
Q. What do I do when I incur an injury?
A. Please contact the Campus Recreation staff and ask your club leadership to fill out the Injury Report form. Campus Recreation staff will direct you accordingly. In case of an emergency, please contact UMW Emergency at 540-654-4444.
Q. How can I contact the club leadership to learn more about the club?
A. Use the chart above to contact them via email or Instagram, or visit MyUMW and search for the club name.
Q. Do I have to pay to play in a Sport Club?
A. Sport Clubs operate using allocations made available by Campus Recreation based on the club’s performance during the academic year, calculated with a point system. Dues vary per team and are collected by the club. Dues are intended to help the club cover any costs that cannot be covered with the allocations. Not all clubs have dues. Please contact individual club leadership to learn more about the cost of participating on that team.
Q. Do the clubs have coaches?
A. Sport clubs are run by students who serve in leadership roles, some of which who serve as coaches at practice or competitions. Certain clubs do have volunteer coaches who are not current students.

Contact us! 

The sport club program is run by the Graduate Coordinator for Intramurals and Sport clubs, who is a part time staff member and part time graduate student.

If you’d like to speak with someone in Campus Recreation, please email