Mindfulness & Meditation

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course

Has COVID-19 caused significant stress for you? Are you experiencing COVID fatigue? Mindfulness and meditation are very useful tools for addressing these challenges.

What would happen if we gave ourselves a few minutes each day to stop, and be fully silent and still – to meditate? Research has shown that the practice of mindful meditation can lead to a calm and focused mind. Such a practice helps to reduce stress, enhances self-awareness, and offers a greater sense of inner peace and connectedness with life. This 7-week introductory course is being offered to UMW faculty, staff, and students. It will answer the basic question: What are we doing when we meditate? You will learn about meditation through instruction, discussion and guided practice. Specific training will be provided on obstacles to meditation and how to work with them. Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools and experience needed to continue an independent practice of mindfulness meditation.

Learn the practice of mindfulness in a 7-week, non-credit course led by Bill Brooks, a certified meditation teacher through the Meditation Teacher Training Institute.

Cost: $15
Meet every Monday starting February 7th-March 28th from 6:30PM-8PM
Location: James Farmer Hall, Leidecker Center

Register on the Campus Rec Member Portal under “Courses”. Instructions on how to register for a program can be found in this video.

Faculty and Staff Yoga

Cost: $25

First session: starts January 24th and runs for 6 weeks

Second session: starts March 14th and runs for 6 weeks

Register on the Campus Rec Member Portal under “Faculty & Staff Programs”. Instructions on how to register for a program can be found in this video.

With Faculty/Staff Fitness Classes, you can work out consistently in a group of your peers while receiving personal attention from a seasoned instructor and genuine support from the group of people who are enrolled. This program style runs for 6 weeks and meets once a week. Work on your flexibility, strength, and mind/body connection in this 45 minute Faculty/Staff Yoga class with Bill.