Facility Rules

The Department of Campus Recreation and the University of Mary Washington prioritize safety, security, and positive experiences. It is expected that all individuals utilizing Campus Recreation facilities abide by the following rules and procedures.

Assumption of Risk

Individuals assume a risk of injury or death while voluntarily participating in physical activity. All participants are strongly encouraged to complete a health evaluation prior to any participation, consult with their personal physician to determine appropriate fitness levels, use good judgement concerning their ability to participate, and to carry medical insurance coverage. The University of Mary Washington and Department of Campus Recreation do not carry insurance to cover patrons.

Patron Rights

As a member of the Mary Washington community, eligible patrons have the right to quality facilities, a variety of program opportunities that contribute to individual wellness, and an environment in which individuals can learn about the components of healthy living.


  • Active membership and identification is required to access Campus Recreation activity spaces. Check-in at the Fitness Center front desk is required.
    • Individuals under age 16 are prohibited from exercising in the Fitness Center, but may participate in open recreation swim or basketball if accompanied by a sponsor with an active membership. Individuals ages 16-17 must have an active membership and be accompanied by a sponsor with an active membership while in recreational spaces. Individuals age 18 and older must have an active membership and can use recreational spaces without a sponsor present.
  • Members may only use their respective membership card to enter the facility, and front desk staff are permitted to ask any patron for a second form of identification.
  • Emergency telephones and exits located in the facility are for emergency use only. Blocking or misuse of emergency exits is prohibited. Unauthorized use will result in disciplinary action.
  • Members may purchase additional programming including group fitness classes and personal training sessions.
  • Members may use the recreational spaces available only if there are no reservations.
  • Campus Recreation staff reserve right to deny access or participation in facilities and programs to any rule-violating members at their discretion. If recurring rule violations occur, access may be revoked and there will be no refunds available.

Dress Code & Personal Belongings:

  • Shirts, athletic bottoms, and closed-toe shoes must be worn in activity areas. Cleats and bare feet are not allowed.
    • Clothing and accessories that pose a risk to the patron or equipment are prohibited to wear during exercise. This may include jewelry, zippers, and jeans.
  • Bags, clothing, and other personal items must be stored away from activity areas in a locker or cubby. Campus Recreation assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.
    • Lockers may be purchased for use during the academic year. All items must be removed from lockers prior to the annual clean-out. Items not collected will be held for one month before being discarded.
  • Firearms are strictly prohibited from being on all school premises.


  • Patrons are expected to cooperate with Campus Recreation staff and comply with rules and safety instructions provided.
  • All patrons are expected to uphold UMW Community Values. Patrons who do not may have their membership revoked for reasons including but not limited to: racism, sexism, harassment and any overall lack of respect for those around them.
  • Sharing equipment and space with others is encouraged.
  • Bluetooth speakers and other loudspeakers are prohibited. Use of personal headphones is encouraged.
  • Music is played throughout the facility and controlled by Campus Recreation personnel.
  • Campus Recreation reserves the right not to facilitate the marketing or selling of non-university affiliated products or services.
  • Personal business (personal training, swim lessons) may not be conducted in recreational facilities.
  • Photography and videography are prohibited without approval from an authorized Campus Recreation staff member.
  • Food and beverages without lids are prohibited from activity areas.
  • Tobacco and alcohol use is prohibited. This includes personal vaporization machines.
    • Patrons under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be asked to leave the facility, will be referred to the appropriate administrators, and may have their privileges suspended.

Cardio & Strength Equipment:

  • All equipment must be used properly for its intended purpose, sanitized, and returned to designated areas after use.
  • Extreme caution should be used in lifting weights to avoid any potential injury.
  • Unsafe conditions or damaged equipment should be reported to Campus Recreation staff immediately. Use of the equipment will be discontinued until the issue is resolved.
  • Having a spotter is highly encouraged.
  • Weights should not be dropped unless the exercise is performed on the Olympic Lifting Platform.
  • When performing exercises at the strength rig, two safety bars, two j-hooks, and two barbell clips must be used.
  • Overhead Barbell Press, Barbell Squats, Lunges, and similar variations must be performed in the Rig or Dynamic Squat Rack.

Guests & Sponsors:

Members may sponsor guests by purchasing a daily guest pass for $5 per visit. The sponsor must be present at time of purchase and is responsible for all action of the guest(s). Guests must be accompanied by their sponsor for the duration of their visit.  Sponsors will be held accountable for any rule violations, equipment replacement, or damages caused by their guests and may result in facility suspension. Guests must present a valid photo I.D. to verify age and name. UMW Campus Recreation reserves the right to refuse admittance.

  • Each guest must:
    • Agree to assumption of risk statement
    • Have their respective sponsor present at time of guest pass purchase
    • Present a valid form of ID
    • Be 18 years of age or older
    • Have an understanding of/respect for all UMW Policies

Refunds & Replacement Fees:

  • Refunds are issued when 1) the Department of Campus Recreation cancels a class, activity or program, or 2) a documented medical condition precludes participation. Refunds will be assessed for outstanding fees owed to the university prior to disbursement. Refunds for online payments will not include the 2.75% processing fee. If you have specific questions regarding a refund, please contact campusrec@umw.edu.
  • Replacement fees for lost or damaged items will be charged to the member that the item is checked out to, unless another person claims responsibility. Failure to pay fees may result in suspension from Campus Recreation programs and/or facilities.