Lost and Found

Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen, or unattended items. If an item is found in a recreational space and turned in to the front desk, that item is added to Campus Rec’s Lost and Found Log and stored in the Lost & Found cabinet. Items not retrieved after 2 weeks from being turned in are taken to UMW Police at Brent House. Personal and identifiable items, such as EagleONE ID’s, wallets, dorm keys, etc. are taken to Brent house within 24 hours of being turned in. Check your UMW email if you lost a personal and identifiable item, as a Campus Rec staff member may have contacted you about it.

Locker Clean Outs

The university housekeeping company performs locker clean outs each summer. Items found in unsecured lockers are removed at the end of each spring semester. For this reason, we ask all users to remove belongings from lockers before May 5 each year.

*For summer 2019 only, items retrieved in the May 2019 locker clean out are being held in Campus Recreation storage until September 30, 2019. Please visit the Fitness Center front desk to inquire about an item you may have left unsecured in the locker room.