Intramural Sports


The Intramural Sports program at UMW gives students the opportunity to compete against their peers in a friendly and structured environment. Whether you’re a competitive sports enthusiast or just someone looking for a daily dose of competition, fun or recreational play, the Intramural Sports Program has leagues, tournaments, and special events in a variety of activities for all areas of interest and ability. A participant is considered eligible to participate in Intramural Sports if they have purchased their Intramural Sports Pass, have activated their ImLeagues account and participate with spirited enthusiasm during play.

Intramural Sports are easy to join, and easy to play. Teams have the choice to join the league that matches their skill level. We emphasize spirited play, sportsmanship, and fun. We are proud that we contribute to learning outside the classroom. Please click in the boxes below to learn more.

Intramural Sports Pass

The Intramural Sports Pass is your gateway to access all kinds of Intramural Programming throughout the year. This pass costs $10 and only needs to be purchased once during an academic year to play in IM sports. This pass can be purchased anytime during the school year.
The Intramural Sports Pass can be purchased online, or at the Front Desk located in the Fitness Center. We accept all forms of payment including Eagle One (only at the Fitness Center). Please ensure that the pass is purchased prior to activating your ImLeagues account.

(If you choose to purchase this pass online, please click the “log in” option and log in using your student net Id and Password)

Click here to purchase your pass.

Easy to Pay, Easy to Join, Easy to Play

Spring 2018 Schedule

Click here to view the Spring Intramural Sports Registration and play dates.

Click here to download and sync the Spring 2018 Intramural Calendar to your phone.

Captains Meetings

Attendance in a Captains Meeting is mandatory for a team to be considered eligible for participation in regular season. If a Team Captain cannot attend a Captain’s meeting, a member of his team can serve as the teams representative at the meeting.

Captains Meeting for the following sports during Spring 2018 semester will be held at the following time and locations:
Basketball (5 v 5 and 3 v 3)
January 25th, 2017 at the Column Room (Room #323),
University Center at 4:30PM
Innertube Waterpolo, Wiffleball, Badminton
February 22nd, 2017 at the Capital Room (Room #314),
University Center at 4:30PM
Softball, Volleyball, Bowling
April 5th, 2017 at the Column Room (Room #323),
University Center at 4:30PM

Instructions on Registering Your IMLeagues Account

To register your IMLeagues account to sign up for an Intramural Sport, please follow these instructions:

  1. Purchase your Intramural Sports Pass. Please refer to “Intramural Sports Pass” tab for information.
  2. Please click on the “Click here to Enter IMLeagues” tab below
  3. Click the blue button that states “Sign in with UMW Net ID and Password”.
  4. Using your UMW Net ID and password, log into your account.
  5. Please click “Continue” on all pages that follow, until you have reached you IMleagues portal.
  6. Once you are in your IMleagues portal, please click on the “University of Mary Washington tab” located in the top left of the screen.
  7. Select the sport you would like to join and create a team or sign up as a Free Agent.


IM Participants, Captain and Free Agent Handbook

The following are handbooks prepared by the Intramural Sports department. Please refer to these handbooks to learn about policies and procedures applied by the Intramural Sports department.

Intramural Sports Participants Handbook
Intramural Sports Captains Handbook
Intramural Sports Free Agent Handbook

Sport Rules

Click here to read about Intramural Sport Rules and Policies.

Meet your IM Staff

Graduate Assistant for Intramurals, Club Sports and Outdoor Recreation
Rohit Ayikkara

Intramural Sports Student Coordinator
Eliza Moreno

Intramural Sports Student Supervisors
Samie Mirghani, Greg Genuardi, Megan Acker

Intramural Sports Student Officials
Dustin Thomas, Ellie Kilmon, Jason Ford,
Terrence Flood, Izzie Mirghani, Nicco Barrato, Sarah Hedgecock, Conor MacMurdy, Daniel Pan,
Jacob Dunaway, Kassidy Probst, Kyle Sargent

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a Team Captain/Free Agent and I do not understand IMleagues and how to access the information. What do I do?
A. Please refer to the Captains/Free Agent handbook for any and all information regarding IMleagues, such as “How to add a player” “How to Create a Team” etc.
Q. Does Intramurals have practice times?
A. No. Intramurals Sports does not look to organize practices for teams. Individual teams and captains are responsible for practices if they choose to.
Q. How many games will I get in a league?
A. A team will be given a total of 3 games in the span of 2 weeks in a regular season. Certains leagues are only played on specific dates so, teams can expect to play 2 games in a given night. Playoffs are normally played over the course of a night.
Q. Will the Intramural Sports staff keep track of my personal stats in an Intramural Game?
A. No. The IM Staff is not responsible for keeping personal stats. The staff is only responsible for team stats. The IM Staff reserves the right to choose whether or not to keep track of personal stats during playoffs.
Q. How many games must I play to be eligible for playoffs?
A. A minimum of 1 regular season IM game.

Employment Opportunities

The Intramural Sports Department provides employment on campus by hiring students and providing the necessary skills to work for the Intramural Sports team. The department seeks to hire students to performs the duties of the following positions:
Intramural Sports Official
Intramural Sports Facility Supervisor (based on promotion and continuted commitement to the IM Sports program)
Intramural Sports Student Coordinator (based on promotion and continuted commitement to the IM Sports program).
The department is proud to facilitate learning outside of the classroom by teaching various transferable and translateable skills such as conflict management, risk management, etc.

To apply, please click here

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Note: All information shared on IMleagues will be sent to your UMW student email address. Please check you student email account for any announcements regarding IMLeagues. 

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed at