Intramural Sports



The Intramural Sports program at UMW gives students the opportunity to compete against their peers in a friendly and structured environment. Whether you’re a competitive sports enthusiast or just someone looking for a daily dose of competition, fun or recreational play, the Intramural Sports Program has leagues, tournaments, and special events in a variety of activities for all areas of interest and ability. A participant is considered eligible to participate in Intramural Sports if they have purchased their Intramural Sports Pass. Team captains are responsible to submit the appropriate registration form and if the members indicated have purchased their Intramural Pass, the registration form shall be approved and games will be allocated.

Intramural Sports are easy to join, and easy to play. Teams have the choice to join the league that matches their skill level. We emphasize spirited play, sportsmanship, and fun. We are proud that we contribute to learning outside the classroom.

How to purchase and become an Intramural Sports Member:

  1. Please purchase your Intramural Sports Pass by clicking here. (Please open in a new tab, so you can still follow through with the instructions)
  2. Select the option, “Sign in with your NET ID and Password”.
  3. Log in using your UMW NET ID and Password.
  4. Click on the $10 Pass option and hit “Add to Cart”.
  5. Next, Click and accept the “Assumption of Risk Waiver”, and click “Checkout” in the following page and pay.

By completing these steps you have successfully become an Intramural Sports Member. Registration for all Intramural Sports will be done through submission of forms on our Org Sync Portal. In the “Events” section, you shall find registration, and other dates and in the “Files” section, you shall find all rules, and Participant and Captains Handbook. All Champ photos shall be posted in the “Photos” section. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to know first when registration for any offerings are open!!!

Registration links: 

Note: UMW Intramrual Sports members are no longer required to use IMLeagues to register for an Intramural Sport offering. We ask team captains to submit us the appropriate form, and as long as all members indicated on your team have paid their IM Membership; your registration request shall be approved. Free Agents will fill out the same form and indicate their free agency, and the Intramural Administrative Staff will look to form a Free Agent team. IMLeagues will only be used by the Intramural Sports Administrative Staff. 

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed at