Outdoor Adventures


“The earth has music for those who listen” – William Shakespeare

The ORec team conducts and organizes various Outdoor Adventures for the UMW community throughout the academic year to help identify the beautiful and serene sounds our wonderful planet has to offer. Our skilled and trained Trip Leaders provide their valuable guidance and expertise in all the adventures. We look to organize various affordable opportunities such as hikes, kayaking, canoes, indoor rock climbing, etc to the UMW community.

Not all adventures are the same, as the degree of intense physical and mental challenges  varies from adventure to adventure. The reward for participation in an Outdoor Adventure are not only picturesque landscapes, but the development of one’s physical, mental and social well-being. So, come with us or on your own using the Outdoor Recreation Rental Center and Outdoor Recreation Resource Center, and visit Virginia’s variety of outdoor opportunities from mountains to rivers and everything in between. Together, lets find out what kind of music Virginia’s outdoors has in store for us. Scroll down for more information.

Employment Opportunity –> Click here to apply to be a Outdoor Recreation Student Intern.

Outdoor Recreation Rental Center

The Outdoor Recreation department with help from the Fitness Center staff oversee the Outdoor Recreation Rental Center. The Rental Center currently has all your camping needs ranging from tents, camp stoves etc that can be rented out for up to 6 days at very low prices.
Reservations can be made 48 hours in advance and the equipment can be picked up from the Front Desk located at the Fitness Center.

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Outdoor Recreation Resource Center

The Outdoor Recreation Resource Center has a digital and physical location (will start functioning after Spring Break). The physical location will provide one with hard copies of any trails and other resources for students to use to create a weekend Outdoor Adventure. Our digital location will provide one with resources in the greater Commonwealth of Virginia. The digital Resource Center will also publish a monthly newsletter featuring all things UMW Outdoor Recreation and Sustainability.

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Meet your ORec Staff

Graduate Assistant for Intramurals, Club Sports and Outdoor Recreation
Rohit Ayikkara

Outdoor Recreation Student Intern
Elizabeth Wainer

Outdoor Recreation Trip Leaders
Brenna Harman, Kiele Marlston, Benton Heck, Kathleen Smith and Jillian Gillman

Employment Opportunities

The Outdoor Recreation department consists of a Student Intern and Trip Leaders. The student intern is a student position in collaboration with the College of Business and is a semester position. Trip Leaders are paid student employees who are hired based on their expertise, skill, work ethic and other attributes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use my Eagle One to register and pay for an ORec adventure?
A. Yes. We accept Eagle One payment only at the Front Desk, located at the Fitness Center.
Q. When, Where and What time do we leave for an adventure?
A. The trip van will leave from the Anderson Center parking lot. Upon registration, you shall receive a confirmation email stating all the information.
Q. Do Campus Recreation issue refunds on an adventure, if I can’t go?
A. Campus Recreation enforces a no-refund policy across all departments, including Outdoor Recreation and its programming. The ORec administrative team reserves the right to determine whether a refund request must be accepted or declined.
Q. What should I be bringing on a trip?
A. Every adventure requires different planning and preparation. You will receive a packing list upon registration; so please follow the instructions accordingly.
Q. Often locations visited do not have the best cellular network. What steps does the ORec team take to prepare for an adventure?
A. All ORec Trip Leaders are CPR/AED, First Aid or Wilderness First Aid certified and carry walkie talkie’s with them to maintain contact with each other at all times. The Trip Leaders are provided with indepth briefings of an adventure to prepare them to be responsible and responsive.



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Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to umworec@mail.umw.edu.