Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are a UMW experience you want to be a part of! The workout routine, equipment, and music are all provided – all you need to do is show up and feel the power of exercising with others around you. Spring 2018 group fitness classes begin on January 16, the first day of academic classes. If you would like to teach fitness classes at UMW, visit our employment page! Questions? Email Campus Rec at To learn more, click on the buttons below!

Spring 2018 Schedule

Click HERE for the Spring 2018 group fitness schedule PDF. *Updated 1/9/2018 (Changed Friday Cardio Kickboxing time)*

There are no group fitness classes on days that the Fitness Center has adjusted hours. See the Fitness Center web page for those dates. This group fitness schedule is valid through 4/27/2018.

Only during the first week of classes and final exam week (“Stress Free Zone” fitness classes) are group fitness classes free and no pass is required to attend during those times. Other than those 2 weeks each semester, you must have purchased your $10 group fitness pass to attend.

Once you have a group fitness pass, you can save your spot in a group fitness class online 24 hours in advance of that class beginning! To do that, see the tab called “Online Pre-Registration & Cancellation Instructions”.

Online Pre-Registration & Cancellation Instructions

If you wish to save your spot in a fitness class, you can! Here’s the catch – you MUST show up as space is limited, especially in our cycle classes. If you realize you can no longer come to a class you registered online for, please CANCEL your online registration. Instructions for cancelling your registration are below.

**Please note: Your spot is only reserved until the time the class starts. If you are not checked in by the time class starts, your spot is released and may be filled by a patron on the wait list.

24 hours in advance, you can claim your spot in a fitness class.
1. Go to
2. Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage.
3. Click the BLUE button that says “Sign in with UMW Net ID and Password”
4. Enter your UMW username and current UMW password.
5. Once you’re logged in, on the home page, click the “Group Fitness” icon.
6. Select the name of the class you’d like to register for.
7. Follow the prompts.

If you know you can no longer make a class, we ask that you surrender your spot in the class as soon as possible.
1. Go to
2. Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage.
3. Click the BLUE button that says “Sign in with UMW Net ID and Password”
4. Enter your UMW username and current UMW password.
5. Once you’re logged in, in the top right corner, click your username.
6. Click on “Profile”
7. Along the left menu, click “Programs”. here you will see your current and past class registrations.
8. Next to the upcoming class you are registered for, click the button that says “Cancel.”
You are all done! Thank you for opening up a spot for another patron!

Group Fitness Program Policies

As a UMW group fitness participant, we ask that you read and understand the following policies:

1. All group fitness participants must check in at the front desk of the Fitness Center prior to attending any fitness class.
2. All group fitness participants must tell the front desk staff what class they are attending so they can obtain the physical Group Fitness card which is to be handed to a staff member or instructor in the room where the fitness class is being held.
3. All participants must be a “Group Fitness Pass” holder to attend fitness classes at UMW, besides during “Free Weeks” at the beginning and end of every semester.
4. All participants must wear appropriate attire, complete with athletic shoes and a shirt,
5. A participant must be present for the warm up in order to attend the class. Participants arriving to a class more than 5 minutes late, after the warm up has ended, will not be admitted into the class as it is unsafe to exercise without properly warmed muscles, gradual heart rate increase, and proper pre-class instructions from the instructor.
6. Participants are advised not to enter a group fitness room if the door is closed as the class has begun and opening the door (especially for yoga classes) can be distracting.
7. Participants who pre-register for a class online and do not show up to more than two classes without canceling their online registration will be contacted by a Campus Recreation professional staff member.
8. Your spot is only reserved in a fitness class until the time the class starts. If you are not checked in by the time class starts, your spot is released and may be filled by a patron on the wait list.

How To Purchase Your Pass

1. Go to
2. Click “Log In” in the top right corner of the webpage.
3. Click the BLUE button that says “Sign in with UMW Net ID and Password”
4. Enter your UMW username and current UMW password.
5. Once you’re logged in, on the home page, click the “Memberships and Passes” icon.
6. Select “2017-18 Group Fitness Pass”
7. Follow the steps to make your payment. Please note that you WILL be taken to an external site to make your payment. You must submit your payment and continue moving through the steps until you see a Successful Payment Confirmation page.

If you have issues, please email

Instructions for Attending a Group Fitness class

1. Make sure you’ve purchased your $10 group fitness pass at to attend unlimited group fitness classes all year long! The first week of classes and final exam week, classes are free and no group fitness pass is needed for these weeks.
2. Pick the class you want to attend by viewing the Group Fitness schedule on our website:
3. Grab your athletic shoes, clothes, water bottle, and EagleONE ID.
4. Head to the Fitness Center about 20 minutes before the class starts.
5. Hand your EagleONE ID to the front desk staff to check in and tell them what class you’re checking in for. That staff member will hand you a pass for your class as long as you indeed have purchased your group fitness pass.
6. Walk to your class location and give the staff member at the door the pass you received from the front desk staff.
7. Get ready to have fun!


Everyone (students, faculty, staff, alumni, secondary cardholders) must purchase a $10 group fitness pass to attend fitness classes at UMW. By purchasing this $10 pass, you have access to unlimited group fitness classes for the entire academic school year.

PLEASE NOTE! There are two “Free Weeks of Fitness” during each semester in which no group fitness pass is required to take classes: the first week of classes and final exam week.

Class Descriptions (A-O)

Abs & Glutes
A core- and glute-focused workout using dumbbells, steps, resistance loops, mats, and more. Fire up your muscles in this modifiable, strengthening class.

An upbeat workout inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates that uses bodyweight exercises, the ballet barre, and light dumbbells to tone muscles and improve flexibility. Not only is this class a great workout, but it includes really great music, too!

Cardio Kickboxing
A cardio workout that focuses on punching, kicking, and moving to the beat of the music. You will improve your cardiovascular endurance after attending a few of these upbeat, 45-minute classes.

Cardio Martial Arts
A full body strength and cardio workout with a retired marine who will teach you proper technique on punching, kicking, and more. This class incorporates equipment like punching bags and focus pads to challenge your muscles, get your heart rate up, and clear your mind.

Core & More
A core-strengthening workout that progresses in difficulty as the semester goes on. This class utilizes body weight movements and dumbbells to give you a great workout while jamming to hip hop and pop music.

An upbeat and challenging cardiovascular workout on a stationary bicycle. Many of our instructors incorporate high intensity interval training into their classes. Depending on the instructor, you will hear music from all genres. We have 9 bikes in our Cycle Studio, so arrive to class early!

HIIT & Core
A full-body workout that begins with 20 minutes of HIIT and ends with 20 minutes of Core work. HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training, so expect to do a variety of full body cardio and strength exercises for short amounts of time, with rest time between moves. The Core portion of class slows down a bit but still challenges your abs, obliques, back, shoulders and glutes to make you stronger. You’ll feel sweaty and satisfied after taking this class!

Class Descriptions (P-S)

A calming and challenging class that blends Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga to create a very modifiable full-body workout that helps participants relax, tone muscles, and improve flexibility.

Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.
This full-body workout combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. The workout is easily modifiable all fitness levels are welcome. Don’t worry, the drumsticks are provided by our wonderful instructor!

Pilates is a workout that improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

A low impact workout that uses dumbbells to work each muscle group. The sets and repetitions are based to upbeat music so that you can stay motivated and energized. Work each of the major muscle groups in the body – squats, lunges, arms, core, and more! This class is GREAT for beginners and can be adapted for experienced exercisers by simply increasing the weight of your dumbbells.

Class Descriptions (T-Z)

A rewarding class that works on strength and flexibility of the body and mind through a series of poses. Our general Yoga classes are designed for those who feel stiff and inflexible – a relaxing blend of flexibility training and muscle strengthening. All yoga classes at UMW include both simple and advanced modifications for the various poses.

Hatha Yoga
Yoga practices for strength, flexibility, balance and mental focus. A yogic workout which is gentle and yet challenging, suitable for all levels, including, athletes, complete beginners and those who believe that they cannot “do” yoga. Learn Classical Yoga and develop the knowledge and experience to create your own personal practice which can be truly life changing.

Deep Relaxation Yoga
A “stand-alone” class for relaxing and harmonizing mind, body & spirit and the perfect complement to your Yogic workout. Learn a systematic method to relax consciously and thereby relieve your stress and tension. Plus, subtle and powerful practices to energize and calm the mind. May also help those who are having sleeping difficulties.

Yoga Warm Up
Try something new! Special Yoga practices for “loosening the knots” both physical and mental. EVERYONE can participate and so this class is great for those who do not have a regular Yoga practice or who are recovering from illness or injury. Will also benefit those wishing to prepare for the Yin Yoga/Stretching class which follows.

Yin Yoga
These yoga postures are all practiced on the floor and held for around three to five minutes. By putting ourselves in safe and controlled positions, we can relax the muscles, particularly those from above the knee to below the navel. This will revitalize connective tissue, develop flexibility in the hips and pelvis and restore the natural curves of the spine. Great for beginners and an excellent complimentary practice to regular Yoga.

Relaxation Yoga
Relaxation yoga is just that – a time to unwind before the weekend.

A beginner-friendly pre-choreographed cardio dance class. In Zumba, you’re encouraged to forget what you look like and just MOVE! You will be moving and grooving to hip hop, Latin, pop, and electronic dance music.

About the Instructors

Click here to read about our wonderful group fitness instructors!