UMW Student Leadership Summit


The Division of Student Affairs is excited to announce the Fall 2021 Student Leadership Summit, mandatory for all student organizational executive board leaders (president, vice president, and treasurer; all other officers are welcome as well). The 5th Annual Summit will take place in-person on Saturday, September 11-Sunday, September 12 in the University Center. Come prepared to engage with fellow student leaders and to choose your own adventure as you prepare to lead your club into the semester ahead!

Club officers, please register here to attend the Summit 


Saturday, September 11: 10am-4pm, Chandler Ballroom

Sunday, September 12: 12pm-3pm, Chandler Ballroom

Topics covered include: Club Management, Recruitment & Retention, Budgeting/Finances, myUMW, Event Planning

Attendees will have the chance to win items like a Student Leadership quarter-zip, mug, UMW yoga mat, UMW snuggie, and more!


Many materials and modules are always available to club leaders on the Student Leadership Summit Canvas page. If you are a club officer and you have not been invited to join the SLS portal, please email

Questions can be directed to Sandrine Sutphin, Director of SAE, at