Elected Student Leaders

Click here if you would like to learn more about the election timeline for Fall 2020. There are a number of available positions, particularly in Class Council, Senate, Honor Council, and Student Conduct Review Board Class of 2023 representatives!

2019-2020 Student Leaders

Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board
SGA President Jason Ford
SGA Vice President/Senate President John Flood
Director of Communications TBA
Director of Finances TBA
Director of Administration TBA
President’s Secretary TBA


SGA Advisory Board
Association of Residence Halls (ARH) President Brenna Potter
Campus Programming Board (CPB) President Faith Hogue
Club Sports and Recreation (CSR) TBA
Honor Council President Taylor Stine
Inter-Club Association (ICA) President Aminah Abdullahi
Off-Campus Student Association President Ethan Cory
Representative for Inclusion & Civic Engagement (RICE) TBA
Student Athlete Advisory Council President TBA
Student Conduct Review Board (SCRB) President Austin Farrar


Elections & Appointments Committee Chair Vacant
Student Life Committee Chair Vacant
Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Rachel Hodges
Diversity/Unity Coordinating Committee Chair Vacant
University Facilities and Services Committee Chair Vacant
Academic Affairs Committee Chair Vacant
Ethics and Oversight Committee Chair Abigail Buchholz
Community Relations Chair Vacant
University Relations Chair Madison Gillespie


Class Council
Class of 2019 President Ellie Kilmon
Vice President Lily Eghtessad
Treasurer Lilly Lester
Promotions Hannah Frederick
Class of 2020 President Kyree Ford
Vice President Zanab “Z” Farooq
Treasurer Rachel McVicker
Promotions Anna Beth Tanner
Class of 2021 President Brianna “Breezy” Reaves
Vice President Allison Jones
Treasurer Amber Tingler
Promotions Hannah Iezzi
Class of 2023 President Vacant
Vice President Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Promotions Vacant


Campus Programming Board– Executive Board (selected through internal elections)
President Faith Hogue
Vice President Rebecca Jacobi
Publicity Manager Huda Al-Bana
Productions Chair Mariah Howell
Reel Deals Chair Hannah Pullen
Small/Weekly Events Chair Vacant
Big Events Chair Laura String