Elected Student Leaders

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2022-2023 Student Leaders

Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board
SGA President Joey Zeldin
SGA Vice President/Senate President Jaylyn Long
Director of Communications TBA
Director of Finances TBA
Director of Administration TBA
President’s Secretary TBA


SGA Advisory Board
Association of Residence Halls (ARH) President Vacant
Campus Programming Board (CPB) President Faith Jones
Club Sports and Recreation (CSR) TBA
Honor Council President Abigail Delapenha
Inter-Club Association (ICA) President Samantha Mitzel
Off-Campus Student Association President Vacant
Representative for Inclusion & Civic Engagement (RICE) TBA
Student Athlete Advisory Council President TBA
Student Conduct Review Board (SCRB) President Julia May


Elections & Appointments Committee Chair Vacant
Student Life Committee Chair Vacant
Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Vacant
Diversity/Unity Coordinating Committee Chair Carlos Nunes
University Facilities and Services Committee Chair Vacant
Academic Affairs Committee Chair Vacant
Ethics & Oversight Committee Chair Nahjah Wilson
Community Relations Chair Shadwick Yoder
University Relations Chair Vacant


Class Council
Class of 2023 President  Shauna Kaplan
Vice President Vacant
Treasurer Mariana Haugh
Promotions Madelyn Wilson
Class of 2024 President Madison DeWitt
Vice President Jaylyn Long
Treasurer Vacant
Promotions Vacant
Class of 2025 President Nahjah Wilson
Vice President Shad Yoder
Treasurer Marion Robinson
Promotions Madison Van Buren
Class of 2026 President Vacant
Vice President Vacant
Treasurer Vacant
Promotions Vacant


Campus Programming Board– Executive Board (selected through internal elections)
President Faith Jones
Vice President Shauna Kaplan
Publicity Manager Gabby Carrion
Productions Chair Leah Wolfson
Reel Deals Chair Jaylyn Long
Small/Weekly Events Chair Matthew Abbott
Big Events Chair Francesca Harrison