Track Event Attendance

Want to go track your event or meeting attendance without using an old-fashioned clipboard and check-in sheet? Through the use of MyUMW, student organizations can now have participants electronically sign-in to their events using a card-swipe.

Using a card-swipe is simple, instructions may be found here.

Benefits of the card-swipe system:

  • Export attendee data in a clean clear Excel-compatible format. No more relying on hand-typing in names, or attempting to decipher handwriting
  • Monitor attendance in real-time, from anywhere on campus
  • Exported data includes student’s name, check-in time, and e-mail address

To reserve a card-swipe machine, complete a “Create an Event” request form through MyUMW and be sure to note how many card swipe machines you will need for your event when you reach that question. This form can be found by going to your club’s portal in MyUMW, clicking on the “Events” tab, and click on the green “Create an Event” button on the right-hand side of the screen.