Room Reservations

Request must be submitted at least fourteen (14) days prior to an event or seven (7) days prior to a meeting.

STEP ONE: Make sure the room is available.

Check the event calendar to ensure that the room is available.

STEP TWO: Make the request on MyUMW

In order to make your request, please login to MyUMW and submit an event registration form, being sure to denote the space you would like to reserve for your event.

Once your request is made, MyUMW will automatically notify SAE to process your request. If you are making an EVENT request, you may need to set up a meeting with the Senior Student Coordinator of Events to discuss the details of your event.

Please note that if you are trying to reserve a space in the University Center or the Hurley Convergence center, please click here. For clubs, we ask that you still submit an Event Registration Form through MyUMW.