Organization Status: Tier I vs. Tier II

Student organizations may be classified as either “Tier I” or “Tier II”. Both classification of organizations are officially recognized by UMW – with the singular difference being their ability to request additional resources from Student Finance Committee.

As noted, requests for funds are reviewed by the student-run Finance Committee, and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. An organization classified as “funded” is not guaranteed that all their requests will be approved. Additional questions about this process may be directed to the Finance Committee at

Tier I Organizations:

    • Must be non-exclusive for both members, and leaders/officers
      • Organizations referred to in state law §23-1.400 are exempt (ie: Political/Religious organizations may limit their membership)
    • Have the ability to request funds from the Student Finance Committee
      • These requests are reviewed by this student-run board on a case-by-case basis
      • “Tier I” status does not guarantee that all requests will be approved
    • Are able to request SAE assistance in reserving campus spaces
    • Will have access to ICA work-room/resources

Tier II Organizations:

    • May limit their members, and leaders/officers
      • Cannot discriminate based on UMW specified protected classes
      • Example: Organization limits members via an audition process
    • Do not have access to Student Finance Committee funds
    • Are able to request SAE assistance in reserving campus spaces
    • Do not have access to ICA work-room/resources

Please send any questions to the Inter-Club Association at