Co-Curricular Transcript

Just like your academic transcript is a listing of your completed academic coursework, a Co-Curricular Transcript is a compilation of all of your involvements outside of the classroom. Clubs you’re a member or officer of, community service you’ve done while at UMW, student employment and leadership positions you’ve held, and so much more. But unlike many other schools who have a co-curricular transcript, UMW takes it a step further.

We have outlined competencies and skills that Mary Wash students gain through co-curricular opportunities. These are skills that are needed in the workplace and we’ve connected these skills to your experiences to give you the language to set yourself apart in job interviews and graduate school applications.

There are so many opportunities to get involved and enhance what you’re learning inside the classroom. As you engage in more co-curricular opportunities, many of these can be automatically added to your “SmartTranscript” which is included in your profile when logged into myUMW. Your SmartTranscript (co-curricular transcript) is updated every time you swipe into events, complete community service hours through UMW, and are “granted” experiences after completing them through UMW. You can also complete this form to be granted experiences and skills to be reflected on your SmartTranscript as well.

The possibilities are endless when you get involved at UMW! Log into myUMW now to check out our clubs, events, and opportunities and see your SmartTranscript come to life!