Religious Centers

Fredericksburg, Virginia, home of the University of Mary Washington, holds a significant place in the history of religious freedom in the United States. In 1777, Thomas Jefferson and a group of Virginia legislators met in Fredericksburg to draft the Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom. This document served as an inspiration for the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The UMW community is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that welcomes a diversity of opinions and traditions. The University is home to a growing variety of faith-based organizations, representing many beliefs, both religious and secular.

It is hoped that all in the University of Mary Washington community shall feel free to participate openly in the faith of their choice at the University without fear of discrimination or bias.

All faith-based groups and ministries at UMW are encouraged to post information about their organizations on the Web. For information on how your group may be provided with Web space, please contact the UMW Help Desk.