Student Conduct and Responsibility

Mission Statement


Marye House

The Office of Student Conduct and Responsibility (OSCAR) supports the Division of Student Affairs’s overarching mission to promote student success, learning, and personal wellness. In doing so, it also supports the University’s overall mission, which is to provide students with a superior education that inspires and enables them to make positive changes in the world. OSCAR also seeks to uphold and promote UMW’s Statement of Community Values.

OSCAR supports these missions by upholding a Code of Conduct, a set of guidelines for how UMW students are to conduct themselves, and what conduct they should expect from each other. These guidelines, based on principles of student development, are intended to facilitate all students’ learning and personal growth within the University and beyond, and to create a community of integrity. Students’ success, ability to learn, and wellness should not be negatively impacted by the conduct of other students, or by their own conduct. Students whose actions are inconsistent with the Code of Conduct are held accountable through a fair and compassionate process in which education is a primary value. OSCAR upholds an environment in which personal growth is facilitated, citizenship is promoted, and sensitivity to others within the community is balanced against each student’s need for personal expression. Related to their conduct, UMW students have both rights and responsibilities, and OSCAR assists students in understanding how those rights and responsibilities benefit all members of the UMW community, including themselves.

Because student behavior, character development, and ethics go hand in hand, the Office of Student Conduct and Responsibility supports programs that raise students’ awareness of ethical issues — from individual and community-related to global — that are present in contemporary society. It also may assist students in resolving conflicts by using informal alternatives to the conduct process — for example, by having conversations with students about behavioral issues.

The Office of Student Conduct and Responsibility (OSCAR) is managed by Dr. Ray Tuttle, Director of Student Conduct and Responsibility. Additionally, professional members of the Residence Life staff, the Assistant Dean of Students, and elected student members of the Student Conduct Review Board (SCRB) are integral to its mission. (The Honor Council is a separate entity, and is not a part of the conduct system.)



Raymond Tuttle, Ph.D .
Marye House, 2nd Floor