Campus Free Speech

In order to sustain an environment rich in the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and intellectual pursuits, the University of Mary Washington values the freedom of expression.  The University is committed to supporting the exercise of constitutionally-protected speech in all of its programs and facilities, while maintaining a safe atmosphere free from major disruption.  In keeping with and maintaining these freedoms, the University utilizes established policies and guidelines for the use of its facilities in order to preserve its mission and properties, to secure its operational objectives, and to safeguard the community.

Report an Incident

You may report an incident of disruption of constitutionally-protected speech (including, but not limited to public speaking under the Expressive Activity by Members of the University Community and Request to Address the Campus Community policies) in the following ways:

For emergency incidents, call the UMW Police at 4444.

For non-emergency incidents, you may file a report in the following ways:

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