Boston NCSL Leadership Conference

The NCSL Leadership Conference was held in Boston from April 4-7. Four hundred participants were in attendance from schools as far as Guam! Here's a look at what one UMW student thought of it: "The 2013 NCSL leadership conference in Boston was amazing! I learned practical leadership skills to implement in my own life and I learned how to succeed after college. Not only did I gain advice to grow as a leader but I was able to network with some of the top leaders in the country in various fields. I loved how the keynote speakers were present to talk to us after their speeches. The workshops have completely changed the way I see challenges and how I approach goals. Through my interactions with a couple of the keynote presenters I have made some valuable connections to help me throughout college and with life after graduation. One of the big takeaways I got out of the conference is always put yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve success." Mary-Kate McCleary … [Read more...]

David Burstein Talk

David Burstein, documentary filmmaker, author and commentator on the Millennial generation was back on campus March 19 to talk about his new book, Fast Future. In his book he discusses how the Millennial generation is shaping the world and how he believes they can have the greatest impact. David believes history is at a crossroads affording this generation a unique opportunity to have a major impact. He spent an hour sharing his ideas with the thirty students and fielding questions which covered a broad range of topics including how to communicate your message and finding your passion. David's talk left everyone with plenty to think about and we appreciate him spending time with us again.   Written by Golda Eldridge … [Read more...]

Good Neighbor Day

This Saturday, March 16, was UMW's first Good Neighbor Day. It was hosted by the SGA as an effort to strengthen relations with the surrounding community with student volunteers completing outdoor yard projects for nearby homeowners who offered to take part. One project had volunteers starting a garden for a family on Augustine Avenue. Michael and Karen Horne, along with their two children Liam and Maeve, wanted more vegetables and flowers for sustainability reasons. Mr. Horne joined the students with a shovel and advised them to "put cayenne pepper in the soil" to keep the squirrels away. The students were eager to get started, and enjoyed the great opportunity to get involved. Volunteer Rad Wan Jarrar stated that "even though we are a small school, we are here to support the community." Nate Levine joked, "we do more than just party and go to class." With over 250 volunteers, Good Neighbor Day was a huge success. The Center for Honor, Leadership, and Service is proud to have … [Read more...]

Upcoming Guest Speaker David D. Burstein

Who Are the Millennials? The author of Fast Future, David D. Burstein, gets to the bottom of this question. He will be speaking on March 19, 6-7 PM in Monroe 346. In Fast Future we learn that: • Millennials are the most college educated generation in history. 40% of millennials are currently in college and 1 in 5 Millennials are college graduates. • Millennials are the most diverse generation in history. Only 61% of millennials are white. 17% of millennials are Latino, 15% are black, and 4% are Asian. • They are the most connected generation in history. More than 75% have a profile on a social networking site, One-in-five have posted a video of themselves online, 90% regularly use the internet. Click here for more information. … [Read more...]

Job Opportunity for Graduating Seniors

We’re looking for smart, hard-working students who work well in a team and are eager to work for change after graduation. The Fund for the Public Interest helps some of the top progressive organizations in the country work on issues such as clean energy, equal rights for LGBT Americans, and getting big money out of politics. And we're hiring! Specifically, we're hiring Citizen Outreach Directors to run our grassroots campaign offices across the country next fall -- working on behalf of groups like the Environment America, the Human Rights Campaign and US PIRG. We are looking for smart, motivated students who want to get their hands dirty and make a real impact on some of the most critical issues facing our society. If you are interested in applying, visit our website at, or contact directly - Peggy Mansperger 617-747-4324, … [Read more...]

Newt Gingrich at Mt. Vernon

February 22, 2013 marked George Washington’s 281st birthday. Most of us did not give it much thought. We remember George, but he is not relevant to our lives today, is he? Things are different now and George was one of those rare birds in history, the indispensable man. Right place, right time, right man, right? Not much we can learn from someone who just happened to bring all the best characteristics of what we value as Americans to bear through a life of service, leadership and honor, right? Well last Friday, myself and a student from the Leadership Living Learning Community had a chance to hear why George matters. We were invited to Mt. Vernon where Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, history teacher, and writer, gave a fascinating speech on why we should rethink what we know about George and reengage with him as a role model and example. This is only the beginning of a growing relationship we at UMW are establishing with Mt. Vernon and their … [Read more...]

Upcoming Guest Speaker Mike Byrne 3/29

Why Johnny Can’t Vote: How Usability Compromises Election Integrity Sponsored by the Psychology, Political Science, and Computer Science Departments Friday, March 29 in Chandler 102 12-1PM The U.S. Presidential election in 2000 brought issues of voting system usability to the public consciousness via the “butterfly ballot” and ubiquitous media coverage of hanging chads. This prompted federal legislation which led to widespread adoption of electronic voting systems. However, fundamental questions about voting system usability were not answered before this sweeping change: Just how usable were the technologies being replaced? How do new electronic systems compare to those systems? How do security concerns about electronic voting factor in? We now have data that help answer some of these questions but which raise serious concerns about the systems we use to participate in our democracy. Errors rates larger than the margin of victory in some races appear at multiple points in the voting … [Read more...]

Visit from Xavier Richardson

Xavier Richardson sat down for 45 minutes on February 20, 2013 before his James Farmer speech to the university to talk with COAR students and share some of his thoughts, experiences and ideas. As a BOV member he is keenly interested in what motivates students and he shared he is very impressed by the UMW student body’s desire to serve. He related that to his personal experience and said that to those of us to whom much is given, much is expected. The way to turn this to action and pay it forward, focusing not on what we gain for ourselves, but what we can do for others. It was an exceptional opportunity to meet and speak with a tremendous leader and all the students who attended appreciated the chance. Written by Golda Eldridge … [Read more...]

Dream Share Project Workshop

February 5, 2013 The question isn’t why, but why not! Chip and Alexis said why not when they came up with the idea for the Dream Share Project as they planned a cross country road trip intended to help them discover the country and a little about themselves. What they found was amazing and far more than they expected. Chris and Alexis shared the video of their trip where they interview amazing people who discovered their passion, are following their dreams and sharing how they are making that happen. Chris and Alexis talked about their own experiences and shared something of what they have learned. The workshop that followed gave students the chance to think about their own dreams and helped put them on the road to realizing them. The lesson? Find your passion and use that to fuel your dreams! Thanks to Chris and Alexis for sharing their story and look for their book “Building Your Dreams” coming out in July. Written by Golda Eldridge … [Read more...]

UMW Rugby Players in Action

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, UMW Mother Rugby contributed service to the community. Check it out: … [Read more...]