Welcome Back!

CHLS staff and students welcomes our returning students, and special greetings to our First Time on Campus students.  Please come see us. … [Read more...]

Recap: George Washington Student Leadership Conference

What is your leadership story?  How do develop it and then how do you learn to communicate it effectively to others?  That was the subject of George Washington University’s 8th annual student leadership conference. The goal of this year's conference was to empower students with the ability to tell their leadership narrative in a concise and impactful way.  Five of this year’s Orientation Leaders attended the conference along with Megan Higginbotham, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Golda Eldridge, the Director of Leadership.  From the entertaining and informative keynote address by well known television journalist Frank Sesno to breakout sessions including such topics as Enhancing Your Leadership, Mentoring and Transformational Leadership both students and staff came away with a better appreciation of tools they can use to enhance their leadership skills and how to share their personal stories.  Watch the Center for Honor, Leadership and Service website and OrgSync pages … [Read more...]

Group Dynamics Workshop

Learning is all about group process. This experiential workshop explored how our social assumptions often derail group effectiveness, yet differences can help, not hinder, the effectiveness of (working) groups. Larissa Ruuskanen, Staff Psychologist, led the Group Dynamics Workshop to help you better understand how to effectively lead and work within a group.   … [Read more...]

Difficult Conversations Workshop

This workshop, led by Bob Liebau, Director of Wellness will discussed how difficult conversations are a part of everyday life, but many people are poorly equipped to deal with them. This workshop helped students understand what they are and how to successfully manage them into a win-win situation. … [Read more...]

Dream Share Project Workshop

February 5, 2013 The question isn’t why, but why not! Chip and Alexis said why not when they came up with the idea for the Dream Share Project as they planned a cross country road trip intended to help them discover the country and a little about themselves. What they found was amazing and far more than they expected. Chris and Alexis shared the video of their trip where they interview amazing people who discovered their passion, are following their dreams and sharing how they are making that happen. Chris and Alexis talked about their own experiences and shared something of what they have learned. The workshop that followed gave students the chance to think about their own dreams and helped put them on the road to realizing them. The lesson? Find your passion and use that to fuel your dreams! Thanks to Chris and Alexis for sharing their story and look for their book “Building Your Dreams” coming out in July. Written by Golda Eldridge … [Read more...]

UMW Rugby Players in Action

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, UMW Mother Rugby contributed service to the community. Check it out: http://www.umw.edu/news/2013/01/22/umw-rugby-players-spend-weekend-in-service/ … [Read more...]