Good Neighbor Day

This Saturday, March 16, was UMW’s first Good Neighbor Day. It was hosted by the SGA as an effort to strengthen relations with the surrounding community with student volunteers completing outdoor yard projects for nearby homeowners who offered to take part.

One project had volunteers starting a garden for a family on Augustine Avenue. Michael and Karen Horne, along with their two children Liam and Maeve, wanted more vegetables and flowers for sustainability reasons. Mr. Horne joined the students with a shovel and advised them to “put cayenne pepper in the soil” to keep the squirrels away. The students were eager to get started, and enjoyed the great opportunity to get involved. Volunteer Rad Wan Jarrar stated that “even though we are a small school, we are here to support the community.” Nate Levine joked, “we do more than just party and go to class.”

With over 250 volunteers, Good Neighbor Day was a huge success. The Center for Honor, Leadership, and Service is proud to have been a sponsor.