Dream Share Project Workshop

February 5, 2013

The question isn’t why, but why not! Chip and Alexis said why not when they came up with the idea for the Dream Share Project as they planned a cross country road trip intended to help them discover the country and a little about themselves. What they found was amazing and far more than they expected. Chris and Alexis shared the video of their trip where they interview amazing people who discovered their passion, are following their dreams and sharing how they are making that happen. Chris and Alexis talked about their own experiences and shared something of what they have learned. The workshop that followed gave students the chance to think about their own dreams and helped put them on the road to realizing them. The lesson? Find your passion and use that to fuel your dreams! Thanks to Chris and Alexis for sharing their story and look for their book “Building Your Dreams” coming out in July.

Written by Golda Eldridge