Break Housing

Thanksgiving Break begins and the student residences close at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 26. Residences open at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 30.  Break housing applications are due Friday, November 21 at noon.

Winter Break begins and the student residences close at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 13. Residences open at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 11. Break housing applications are due Friday, December 5 at noon.

Spring Break begins and the student residences close at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, February 27. Residences open at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 8. Break housing applications are due Friday, February 20 at noon.


Students Applying for Break Housing

During Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks, all University housing is closed. All residents wishing to be present in their housing assignment during a break period must apply to remain on campus during these periods.  Follow this link to submit a Break Housing Application.  Only those submitting a request will have card access to their residence halls. Residents of Eagle Landing and UMW Apartments will be approved automatically following their application submission.

Thanksgiving & Spring Break Housing Application Approval Process:

Applications for Thanksgiving and Spring Break housing received by the Office of Residence Life by the published deadline are approved if the following conditions are present.  The student:

  • is unable to leave for the break.
  • is unable to leave until after the residence halls have closed.
  • needs to return prior to the residence halls reopening.

Winter Break:

For safety reasons, there must be a critical number of students staying in the building during winter break for it to remain open.  At least 25% of the residents of a given building must request to stay during the break, and meet the above mentioned conditions, in order for the building to remain open.  Students who submit a Break Housing Application for Winter Break will receive an email from Brittany Harper, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing and Operations, regarding their approval.  Students requesting to remain on campus in buildings that do not meet the critical number will be required to find alternate housing arrangements for the break.  Alternate arrangements could include staying with a friend in an approved location.  Note:  Eagle Landing remains open during Winter Break, however, those residents still need to apply to remain during those time periods so the University is aware of their presence in case of an emergency.

Late Requests for Break Housing

A late fee of $25 will be charged to all requests submitted late; late applications will be accepted on the basis of availability.

Sponsored Break Housing

Departments or student groups sponsoring students for an academic, extracurricular, or athletic event requiring a stay in University-owned housing during a break should submit a request for the sponsored students.  Only individuals who are part of the University-sponsored organization may remain after the posted closing date and time; roommates, suitemates, and friends of those sponsored are ineligible.

Click here for the Sponsored Break Housing submission template. The Excel file should be e-mailed by the deadline to Brittany Harper.

Personal Safety

UMW Police patrols the campus during break periods, but everyone needs to do their part to assist in this effort. Since the University is not responsible for student’s personal property, please take these necessary precautions:

  • Lock your room door and apartment/suite door at all times.
  • Walk with someone whenever possible or call UMW Police  at 540-654-4444 for an escort.
  • Call the Police to report any suspicious persons, concerns, or problems.

Break Housing Terms

Dining Services is closed for all break periods. Visit UMW Dining for more information. Students remaining on campus during breaks must make alternate arrangements for meals.

All students on-campus during the break are bound by all UMW rules and regulations during the break period. Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations may result in immediate loss of Break Housing and judicial action.

There is no charge for Break Housing. However, any student who remains on campus after the published residence hall closing date and time without permission from the Office of Residence Life is in direct violation of policy, may be asked to leave campus, and will be subject to judicial action and fines.

Preparing for Break Departure

Before leaving for break, all students must prepare their room as outlined below.

    • Empty all trash and remove all perishable food.
    • To help safeguard against damage to personal property, in case of a maintenance emergency, remove all electronics and other valuables from the floor of your room.
    • Keep all University-installed blower fans, air conditioning, and heating units on the normal setting (if applicable).
    • Unplug all appliances, clocks, computers, stereos, etc.
    • Remove batteries from alarm clocks so they do not sound.
    • Remove items that you have placed in lounge refrigerators.
    • Remove from shared hallway bathrooms any personal belongings so the custodians might thoroughly clean during the break.
    • Close all windows and blinds.
    • Turn off the lights and lock the room door when you leave, and remember to take your key and EagleOne card with you so you can get back in the building when you return.
    • Sign the sheet on your Resident Assistant’s door to indicate to your RA you’ve left (for room inspection purposes).

All UMW campus residences will be visited by Resident Assistants for a health and safety inspection. These are done to ensure compliance with University policy and safety regulations.  UMW takes safety very seriously, and students are expected to do the same.  During the break inspection of the residences, two RAs will survey the entire room/apartment to ensure it is safe and ready for the break period.  The RAs will communicate if corrective action is needed to ensure proper safety practices or other policies are being followed.

How to Defrost and Clean Your Mini-Fridge (Winter Break Only):

Begin this process the day before departing for break to allow for enough defrosting time.

• Remove any food from the fridge and properly dispose any unwanted items.
• Unplug the fridge and open the door to allow the cooled compartment to warm up. As the ice begins to melt from the warm air, water will form and collect in the fridge or on the floor underneath it. If you are not prepared for it (with towels) it will cause a big mess.
• Once all of the ice is removed, wipe off any remaining moisture (and clean with a disinfectant). Leave the door open over break to air out.
• Keep the fridge unplugged over Winter Break.


Any bicycles found unlocked in an unsecured area on campus during the Winter and Spring breaks will be placed in Police impound.  All bikes should be registered.  Students should lock and store their bikes in a secure location, such as a bike rack, a bike room, or their residence hall room.