Upcoming Clinics

Clinics run 9 months during the academic year of the University.  They are usually 5-6 week sessions.  We email our potential customers a week or two before each new session offering the various classes, times, ages, costs, etc…

*** Clinics are for all ages (you will see groups on the registration form) and all levels of ability. Within each class, we will group according to experience and ability, not age.  The tennis professionals will group the students and sometimes there are differences in ability even within each court.  This is no different than differences in ability on HS teams or even college teams.  Someone might be the strongest, someone might be the weakest, and sometimes all of the kids are very close.

*** Times are 6:00-7:30 for most sessions when the UMW teams are “in-season” in the early fall and all spring.  From October through January, they may run anywhere from 3:30-6:30 depending on ages.

***PLEASE BRING A RACKET and dress ready to play.  If you do not have a racket, we have some you can borrow and try until you find one.

*** Please come 10 minutes before clinic starts the first week so we can get you checked in and get started on time.

*** We try to send out an email before each session reminding you the session starts the following week.  However, if you get confirmation that your registration was successful, you should expect clinic to begin the day you signed up for even if you do not hear from us.  If clinic is canceled for any reason, we will email you.

***If  you register online (not always available), know that you can get only one discount per child.

*** Currently, you can pay with credit card at the tennis center.

*** If your child cannot attend a session, it cannot be made up and there are no refunds for unattended sessions.  We have staff and ratio issues for each class.

If you can register online, that information will be available by email before registration opens each session.

Clinics run throughout the school year and are directed and taught by our staff professionals, usually assistant coaches for the men’s and women’s tennis teams at UMW.  The times vary during the year based on our teaching pros schedule and court availability.  When the teams are in season in early fall and all spring, clinics run from 6-7:30 pm.  In the late fall and winter clinics run between 3:30-6:30 pm.

To be on our email list for upcoming clinics, please email Todd Helbling at thelblin@umw.edu

Our front desk phone number is 540-654-2482 if you have any questions.