Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the different committees and chairs?

  • Good question. It can get a little confusing. In order for CPB to continue developing and orchestrating a large number of quality programs, we have to have a set structure. The president, Vice President, and Publicity Manager oversee the Executive Board. The board is made up of 4 committees, each represented by a committee chair. In order to reach the most diverse audiences, each committee focuses on a slightly different aspect of entertainment.  Our committees are Big events, Reel Deals, Productions, and Weekly/Trips.

How can I get involved with CPB?

  • It’s simple! Send us a message on any of our social media platforms, visit us in Student Activities and Engagement or talk to one of our executive members! We are always looking for new members.

How can I give feedback or suggestions about future CPB events?

  • We would love to hear any feedback you have! Email us at

How does CPB select the concerts that come to campus?

  • CPB sends out a campus-wide student survey with artists that were selected based on trends in the music industry, and availability of artists. After receiving survey responses, we look at the cost and the availability of the top chosen artists.

How much do movies cost?

  • Movies cost $1.00. We accept cash or eagle one

How often are movies shown?

Where can I find out about events? 

  • We have sandwich boards all over campus advertising events happening that week, but the easiest way to find out about an event is to follow us on Instagram. You can also check out our portal on myUMW to see what upcoming events we have.