Newt Gingrich at Mt. Vernon

February 22, 2013 marked George Washington’s 281st birthday. Most of us did not give it much thought. We remember George, but he is not relevant to our lives today, is he? Things are different now and George was one of those rare birds in history, the indispensable man. Right place, right time, right man, right? Not much we can learn from someone who just happened to bring all the best characteristics of what we value as Americans to bear through a life of service, leadership and honor, right? Well last Friday, myself and a student from the Leadership Living Learning Community had a chance to hear why George matters. We were invited to Mt. Vernon where Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, history teacher, and writer, gave a fascinating speech on why we should rethink what we know about George and reengage with him as a role model and example. This is only the beginning of a growing relationship we at UMW are establishing with Mt. Vernon and their … [Read more...]