PLEN Leadership & Public Policy Seminars

PLEN (Public Leadership Education Network) is the only national organization with the sole focus of preparing college women for careers in public policy. For 35 years, PLEN has brought thousands of women from across the country to Washington, D.C. to explore careers in policy and connect with women leaders.

Women, Law & Legal Advocacy

College women considering careers in the law will explore connections between legal careers and the legislative process in Washington, D.C. This seminar exposes students to a range of professional opportunities in the law, from issue advocacy to government service.

November 14- 16, 2013

Science and Health Policy: Critical Issues

This seminar offers college women a valuable opportunity to hear firsthand from women scientists, leading health experts, medical researchers, and pharmaceutical representatives who are shaping out nation’s agenda in this critical policy arena. Students will connect with senior women influencing the field from government, nonprofits, and private companies to gain an appreciation for how they have contributed to growth in the sector.

January 6- 9, 2014

Women’s Leadership in Public Policy

Career options in the public policy field are endless, ranging from careers in government service to nonprofit and for-profit organizations. College women will explore how to influence the issues they care about and understand the range of professional opportunities and skills required to be successful in each. Students will learn how to launch their career in public policy from the women who shape policy in Washington, D.C.

January 14- 17, 2014

Unlocking Nonprofits: Innovations and Careers

Nonprofit careers offer women an array of opportunities to contribute and excel in leadership positions. College women will learn from professional women who work in nonprofit advocacy, direct service, policy, research, and fundraising in this two-day seminar in Washington D.C.

March 7-8, 2014

Leveraging Communication, Social Media & Technology for Policymaking

A seminar for college women who want to explore a career in communications or want to better understand how communications, technology, and social media are leveraged to influence public policy. Learn about the career opportunities in this continuously evolving field and gain insight on communication skills required for leadership in any sector.

March 21- 22, 2014

Women and Policy in the Global Community

College women will learn about international policy from women whose work impacts the entire world while exploring Washington, D.C.  Students will hear from women leaders advocating for humanitarian issues, citizens’ rights, international security, and international development in an increasingly interconnected world.

May 19-23, 2014


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