Searches, Seizures and Event Security


1. If University authorities have reasonable cause to believe that a University rule is being violated in a manner that prejudices the proper and efficient operation of the University or the welfare of the student body generally, University authorities may inspect the student’s room for the purpose of investigating the violation. If there is reasonable ground for belief that the violation is taking place, and if the search is necessary for the investigation of the violation and enforcement of the rule, and if action against the offender is limited to administrative procedures as distinguished from criminal proceedings, then no search warrant is required. The Dean of Student Life, Assistant Dean of Residence Life and Housing, or the Associate or Assistant Director may participate in an administrative search. The University Police may also observe an administrative search.

2. If the search is to be made for the purpose of a police investigation of a violation of criminal law, a search warrant or consent must be obtained. There are situations in which searches can be made of private residences without search warrants. Examples include: search of the area under immediate control of a person being arrested; plain view seizure of an illegal item; invasion of a resident’s room in hot pursuit; and search made when it is not reasonably possible to get a search warrant.

3. Evidence observed by University personnel during search and seizure may be used in court during criminal prosecution, as well as in a University disciplinary proceeding.

(See also “Security at Events” and “Drug Search and Seizure Procedures.”)

 Security at Events

In an effort to protect the University community and its guests, the following policy concerning the electronic searching of attendees at certain special events on the campus shall be followed. Searches will not routinely be conducted at traditional University events scheduled for enrolled students only, where the general public is not invited; however, security must be present whenever money is being collected.

Search Criteria: Searches will be conducted at any event where one or a combination of the following conditions exist:

1. open to the general public.
2. an admission charge is collected.
3. entertainer contract specifies that a search be conducted.
4. a person with dignitary protective coverage is in attendance.
5. police have received adverse intelligence information concerning the group performing or activity to be engaged in on campus.