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Posted August 17, 2017

UMW United Statement:

We, as leaders of the student organizations at UMW, want to express our sorrow at the events of civil unrest and violence that broke out over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. The past few days have seen us bear witness to a white supremacist rally marching through the University of Virginia’s campus, and propagandizing racism and hatred.

Here at the University of Mary Washington, our core principles of equal opportunity and diversity are not only practiced but celebrated. We, as a community, do not condone this behavior of discrimination or violence.

Additionally, our thoughts and prayers are with the dozens who were injured as well as the friends and families of Heather Heyer and state troopers H. Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates who lost their lives in the fight against bigotry and hatred.

If anyone on campus witnesses discriminatory behavior or injustice, do not hesitate to reach out and report them. Please utilize the following resources that are here to promote diversity and inclusion: James Farmer Multicultural Center, Title IX Office, Talley Center, UMW Police, and the Diversity and Unity Coordinating Committee.

Together, we are one UMW. Together, we are UMW United.

In Solidarity,

UMW Film Club

Symfonics Acappella

Legislative Action Committee

Women’s Club Lacrosse

Men’s Club Basketball Team

Student Anti-Violence Educators

Diversity and Unity Coordinating Committee

UMW Young Life

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Posted March 6, 2017:

We, as a group of diverse and active students, would like to address the recent disturbing incidents that have taken place not only on our campus and in the surrounding community, but throughout our nation.

In the last few weeks, there have been several known instances of white supremacist propaganda appearing on our campus. The most jarring include Nazi imagery and a homophobic slur that seek to isolate and alienate people from our community. Here at the University of Mary Washington, we want our fellow students to know that we condemn such acts of terror. Hate speech goes against our community’s core values and will not be tolerated on our campus.

History has taught us the dangers of this propaganda, and the memory of such horrors guides us to fight against these harmful ideas and to push back against actions that target members of marginalized groups and identities. We want students, no matter their affiliation, to know that their peers here at Mary Washington will voice their strong views against such heinous acts.

Students in Madison Hall and others who feel concern for their safety and well-being on campus should know that they have our continued support in the fight for justice, and are valued members of our community. We hear your frustration, and we are working alongside our administration to promote a more open dialogue about our campus climate and the needs of our students.
If anyone on campus witnesses discriminatory behavior, actions, or publications, there are many resources available for reporting them. Please do not sit idly by while injustice occurs; the only way to dispel these harmful ideas is to actively acknowledge and challenge them. Document and report them to the University by filing a bias incident report (see link at bottom).

In addition, please utilize resources on campus that work to promote safety and diversity, such as the James Farmer Multicultural Center, Talley Center, Title IX office, and the UMW police. If possible, download the Rave Guardian safety app on your mobile device to help stay safe on and off campus.

This is our UMW. Our community is built from our differences and with our differences. We are built on respect for each other, for faculty, and for staff. We construct the ideals of our campus community on the pillars of our morality and our intellect. We are here to learn, not just from the classroom, but from each other.

Together, we are one UMW. Together, we are UMW United.


In Solidarity,

Women of Color
Islamic Student Association
Young Democrats
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People for the Rights of Individuals of Gender and Sexual Minorities
Judicial Review Board
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