Leadership Summit FAQ

Q: What will be provided?
Leadership Summit participants will be provided with:

  • Note taking materials

Q: What should student leaders expect from the Leadership Summit?
The Student Leadership Symposium is an immersive program for all student organizational leaders on campus. An exclusive opportunity, student participants should expect a range of workshops focusing on immersive trainings, university announcements, and networking activities.

Q: Who can participate in the UMW Leadership Summit?
The Leadership Symposium is a mandatory program for all student organizational leaders – specifically Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Treasurers of each organization.

Q: Is there a current schedule for the program?
Yes, the Leadership Summit Schedule may be found here.

Q: What if I have a conflict and can no longer attend?
The UMW Leadership Symposium is a mandatory event for UMW clubs and organizations. Your lack of participation in this summit may impact your club’s standing and recognition. If it is an unavoidable conflict, please email sae@umw.edu

Q:When is check-in?
All attendees are asked to check-in at 12:30pm in the University Center, 1st floor. Students will receive their meal vouchers and materials.

Q: When does the program start?
Check-in will be available starting at 12:30pm and the program will begin at 1:00pm.

Q: What if I have additional questions?
We are here to support – please do direct any additional questions to sae@umw.edu