Publicity Policies

Chalking Policy: 

Student organizations may use chalk as a means of publicity, but chalking is limited to only uncovered sidewalks.

Guidelines for chalking include:

  • Chalk is not allowed on the side of buildings, stairs, porches/patios, the tunnel, the Bell Tower, or any surface that is not uncovered sidewalk. Student organizations will be charged a cleaning fee in this situation, and will risk losing other SAE privileges.
  • Student organizations may be asked to clean up their chalk if large institutional events are taking place.
  • Chalk messages cannot include any obscene or illegal information, including: vulgar and alcoholic/drug related content.
  • Only traditional chalk can be used. Chalk pens, chalk paint, or other materials may not be used and are strictly prohibited and can result in fines if used.


Flyer Policy:

There are a number of bulletin boards on campus in which you are able to post flyers – other than flyers posted by university departments, all flyers must be brought to the SAE office (UC 303) or emailed to to be approved before being posted in the buildings below:

  • Anderson Center
  • Bulletin Board on Campus Walk in front of Lee
  • Combs Hall (1st floor only)
  • Pollard Hall
  • Dupont Hall
  • Hurley Convergence Center
  • Lee Hall
  • Mansion & Economics
  • Melchers Hall
  • James Farmer Hall
  • Rucker University Center
  • Woodard Hall Nest Cabinets (these cabinets are locked, please let the SAE Front Desk know that you would like your flyer posted in these cabinets and we will post it for you)

There are a few buildings which require permission from the Building Coordinator to post flyers (please contact SAE for Building Coordinator contact information).

Those buildings are:

  • All residence halls– bring flyers to Marye House for approval and distribution
  • GW Hall
  • Jepson Science Center
  • Mercer Hall
  • Monroe Hall
  • Woodard Hall (other than the boards outside of the Nest on the 1st floor)


  • All materials must include a phone number or email address, and the first name of the contact person.
  • Flyer cannot include any material that is illegal or in violation of University policies, including alcohol- and drug-related content.
  • Publicity materials may only be displayed on public bulletin boards, and not on windows, doors or other surfaces for safety/facility reasons.

Painting the Spirit Rock:

Messages on the Spirit Rock cannot include any material that is illegal or in violation of University policies. The Student Code of Conduct applies to the Spirit Rock. Only latex paint is permitted.

For certain periods of time, the Spirit Rock is reserved for university-wide events and occasions, including Orientation, New Student Arrival, the Multicultural Fair, and Reunion Weekend.
Questions regarding the Spirit Rock should be addressed to the Student Government Association.

Additional questions may be directed to

Updated January 2022